about me

Well hey there, lovely reader!  My name is Karla Khodanian, and this little nugget of collegiate catharsis is known as Casual Bedlam.  

Taken from the A.C. Newman song "Heartbreak Rides," I chose the title Casual Bedlam because it's kind of the perfect juxtaposition to describe my life.  I am currently a student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham building up towards a degree in Public Relations.  I spend my days running around from meeting to meeting, and my nights camped out in the campus library.  I'm a social butterfly by nature, and sometimes my procrastinating tendencies get the best of me, but nothing can stop me from making the most of my college years in every way possible.

I'm a total stereotype of the 21st century gal:  With interests ranging from social media marketing to media studies to what Kim Kardashian ate for dinner, my varied tastes provide me with a pretty well-rounded knowledge of the rapidly changing world around me.  So take a minute to glance around the blog.  Casual Bedlam is my little escape from the day to day crazy, and I only hope it can serve as little break from the world for you as well!

Please feel free to contact me via Facebook/Twitter/email/blog comments and any other form of social media.  I'm plugged in at pretty much all times and would love to hear from you!