Sunday, November 11, 2012

me, currently

So this face sums up my life right about now. 

With constant bags under my eyes and crazed curls flopped around my head due to no time for a good hair day, I just don't know where my life has gone.  See that scarf I'm wearing in the picture?  I made that this time last year!  It truly blows every part of my mind to even think that there was a point in my life where I had time for hobbies other than school-related and work-related.  My hobbies used to be knitting, crocheting, drawing, painting, blogging, resting and reading, but now that list has drastically changing into emailing, organizing my iCal, booking, promoting, publicizing, Adobe-ing, writing, resume building and oh yes, more emailing.

I'm okay with it though.  I mean, other than the odd twitch my right eye has developed due to overcompensating for my lack of sleep with heavy doses of caffeine, I'm doing pretty alright.  I think I'm past the point of feeling like bursting into tears every time I get "stressed" like I used to be.  I'm definitely proud of myself for learning how to manage the pressure and I'm definitely disgusted with myself when I realize just how much I love working under the aforementioned pressure.

I guess in the end this post is simply a little update reminding everyone I'm alive, just working hard.  And what have I been working on, you ask?  Well here's a few events coming up that could give you a little idea of it all:

11/13:  Mix and Mingle with UAB PRCA/PRSSA
11/17:  Desert Island Supply Co.'s (DISCO) Grand Opening
11/26-9: Wiggio Week @ UAB
12/6: United Cerebral Palsy Christmas Benefit
12/15: Dylan Leblanc w/ Belle Adair @ Bottletree Cafe

So as always, stay tuned, Birmingham (and keep all of the above in mind). You know I've got big things in store for you.


  1. You never cease to amaze me, Karla!

  2. When I was studying I used to love leaving my design projects until the night before they were due and staying up all night, stressed to the point that I would be crying every time I stood in my kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil as I made endless cups of tea and coffee. It was horrible and delightful all at once! But as long as you're enjoying the busy rush thats the main thing! Magnesium powder is great for twitchy eyes and stress too!

  3. Hang in there you crazy, crazy worker bee! You are such a hard working woman and I applaud you. I don't know why you ever talked to me about things I did in college, when you are beating me by half a marathon! Just remember to take out some time for that "me time". It is VITAL. I promise you. Sometimes it is easier to stay busy than it is to take time to breathe and catch your breath! :) I can't wait to see where the future takes you.

    Ps - Email me BACK. hehehe. Oh and take some time to make a quick 300x80 button for my blog. I'd love to feature you!! Kbye. I'll go stalk you on Facebook now.

  4. Hi. Just stopping by to say thanksfor following my blog, however I have moved to a new url and am going to start deleting this one over the next couple of months. Feel free to stop by the New Blog at The Anchored Ivy.
    Thanks, and Happy New Year