Sunday, October 14, 2012

why having school spirit isn't as lame as you think

I'll be honest with you, I wasn't always the most school-spirited one in the bunch.  "School spirit" is commonly associated with beefed up jocks bumping chests and star spangled cheerleaders waving their pom poms, so I chose to play it cool in high school and keep my "spirit" under lock. I feel like a lot of students who come to my college were a lot like I was in high school.  Simply sickened by the football-crazed militia surrounding our day to day lives, UAB seemed like a small state's big city oasis where the emphasis wasn't as much on sports as it was on education.

As time went on I began to realize how much I truly loved my school.  With almost 18,000 enrolled in undergrad and even more in graduate schools, UAB provides a quality education to students from all over the world.  Not only that, UAB is the state's top employer as well as a leading medical research center. Do reading those simple statistics not even make you just a little proud? So it dawned on me recently that having "school spirit" doesn't just mean you have to be a sports fan.  Having school spirit means you are proud of the opportunities your school provides you with.

I have school spirit because neither of my parents had the chance to have school spirit.  College wasn't an option for them like it was for me.

I have school spirit because I think my school deserves just as many die hard fans as UA or Auburn.

I have school spirit because one day I'll get a job that will give me a paycheck larger than 3/4 of the world could ever dream of receiving.

I have school spirit because of my school boasts people like Dr. Sarah Parcak and others who are at the top of their respected fields. 

I have school spirit because now my little brother is getting a college education at UAB too.

I have school spirit because of all the amazing friends and unforgettable memories I've made over the past two and a half years.

The list could go on and it will only grow larger over the next year and a half as I finish my undergrad. You see, to me having school spirit isn't lame at all.  Having school spirit is actually an honor we forget we have because less than ONE HUNDREDTH of a percent of people in the WORLD have a college education.  

If you attend UAB, I hope you are just a little more proud of our school after reading this post.  And to everyone else, I hope this post serves as a reminder of how proud you are of your school. 

And with that I'll close with a simple Go Blazers!

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