Monday, October 8, 2012

sunday tunes and a pretty view

Fall is here, ladies and gents, and I couldn't be any happier about it.  Has the weather started to change in your neck of the woods yet?  Because we are in complete crisp-air, boots, scarves and cardigan bliss down here in the South.  I hate to think that it won't last much longer until the cruel winds of winter come right through to make every day a bad hair day and every night one for layers of fuzzy socks. 

Recently it dawned on me that it is my third year living in Birmingham, but I have yet to enjoy so much of what this city offers.  One Birmingam staple is the way too awesome statue of Vulcan that overlooks the city.  He's kind of like the town's watch guard, keeping his mighty eye on us at all times. 

Vulcan Park and Musuem offers so many cool activities for the community throughout the year, but one of the neatest might be the Fall concert series, Vulcan AfterTunes.  From serving up food and drinks from local restaurants, the event serves as a great way to support Birmingham culture.  Yesterday my dear gal pal Hollie and I decided to venture up the little mountain to see our city's beloved landmark and listen to one of our favorite gals, Jessica Lea Mayfield.  I don't know if you guys have ever listened to one of your favorite musicians while overlooking your favorite city, but it's a pretty surreal experience. 

It's also a pretty windy experience....

So if you're ever in or around Birmingham, you really must check out Vulcan Park and Museum.  It might just be my new favorite place in town. 

I mean, how could you pass up an opportunity to miss a view THIS good?! 

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