Sunday, August 12, 2012

birmingham's burgers

If you could give my littler brother a final meal, I'm sure it would be a bacon cheeseburger.  Whether it was fast food, Mexican or fine dining, no matter what restaurant we would venture out to growing up, it was his go-to order.

And I must admit, I've never really been a burger lover....

 Call me un-American, but there was just something about a plain ol' "hamburger" that usually seems painfully unappealing to my appetite. But recently I decided to take a page out of my younger brother's book and embrace the burger, and boy, have I been missing out!

In the past week alone, I ate THREE burgers at different restaurants around town.  All were different in taste and price, but all were incredibly delightful for my burger-less tastebuds.

Turkey Burger @FLIP Burger Boutique in The Summit

Cheeseburger @ Sam's Super Samwiches in Homewood

Lamb Burger @ Avo/Dram in Mountain Brook

These photos do not do the taste justice! My entire life I've believed a burger was nothing special, but I am a changed woman now.  Burgers come in all shapes and sizes and I am ready to give them all a chance! 

Birminghammers- what's your favorite burger in town?  I know there's some other good ones I've been missing out on. I want to compile a Birmingham burger bucket list and try them all! 


  1. Fon Fon Burger and Chez FonFon in Five Points!

  2. You have successfully made me hate myself for not having a burger this month. lol Looks soooo gooood.... I wanna visit America - Land Of Nice and Cheap Burgers