Monday, May 21, 2012

who run the world?

Have you ever watched a television show that actually began to hurt your heart because it resonated with your life so well?

That's how I feel about Girls.

Six episodes into the premiere season and it's only getting better.  Lena Dunham has created an absolute masterpiece that captures every high worthy of praise via Facebook status and ever low worth sharing with only your best friend.  There's just these moments in the show where I have to stop and wonder how my life, my experiences of being 20something, being single, being home for a weekend, being broke, being a GIRL, are depicted so well.  You, all of you, need to be watching this show.  I feel like I could write so much about it, but that might be giving away a tad bit too much personal information BECAUSE THIS SHOW IS REALLY THAT GOOD!  Once you watch this show, rest assured at least you will get the comfort that comes with the feeling of we've all been there.

Have any of you been keeping up with this lovely new hit of a TV show? Twitter alone has assured me I'm not the only one sending praises its way (seriously, I've seen everyone from American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis to Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson send @lenadunham some love via those sacred 140 characters).

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