Wednesday, April 25, 2012

jack of all trades

So I have a confession to make: getting back to blogging is a little confusing.  I have about a million various things mI would like to post about, but there isn't really much cohesion.  I would love to do film reviews, peer interviews, fashion write-ups, Birmingham news, technology bits, college advice, lifestyle documentation, etc etc etc, but I'm just at a loss at how to go about it all.  And this confusion is the perfect way to lead into my post:

Lately I've claimed that I'm a "jack of all trades, but a master of none."  Basically, I know a lot about a lot, but not enough about any in particular.  

But I'd like to change that.  In a sense, I would like to refine my talents.  I'm the type of person that genuinely loves to do it all, or at least try to do it all.  Then it comes down to the fact that I might actually do too much.  I know it comes down to finding that perfect balance (which, if you've kept up with this blog, you know that has been a major issue for me this past year).  Having a lot of interests keeps life exciting, but it gets pretty disheartening when I realize results become a tad bit more difficult to receive.  I also think it's for this reason that I'm such an expert procrastinator.  Take for example the fact that I'm blogging right now instead of writing my final papers which are due in a week...

Life is filled with so many exciting opportunities, and I want to take advantage of them all!  Even down to the hobbies and special interests- everything just seems so neat to me.  I want to be great at something though.  I want to prove to myself I'm capable of finding that one special thing that I can be successful in. Have any of you ever felt this way before?  I know it seems like this is some silly woe of an overachiever, but I really feel like it is an area of my life I should address.  Maybe I've had it wrong this whole time- maybe life isn't about doing it all?  It isn't that I'm doubting my interests, I'm just contemplating what they are worth to me. 

 Though it's kind of hard to admit, I think it's finally time to prioritize.


  1. I don't think it's bad to do a variety of things. It's your blog and you can post whatever the heck you want! You could do a flavor of the week sort of thing, or a weekly post about whatever you want! There is a way to incorporate everything you want to write about. It's nice to see you back! Plus I love the blog revamp, very nice :)

    1. Thank you so much, Bri! You're always so kind. I can't wait to go browse your blog and catch up on all your exciting adventures :)

  2. Hi friend!
    I've missed you in the blogging world, although I love how we keep up with one another's live through the various mediums of social media. I definitely fall in the category of having "too many interests" but is there such thing? I think its wonderful that you have maintained an interest in more than one thing. It is a direct representation how open you are to things! I think its important for a PR major to have a wide skill set and variety of interests because in our field, things are always ever-changing and demand for views from every angle. Embrace your many interests and embrace the fact that your blog won't have "one focus". The key is just making sure its organized well, that's all :)

    Good luck with all your last endeavors this semester. You are going places girl.

    Melissa, The 25th Hour blog