Saturday, March 3, 2012

my raging saturday night

Guess what I'm doing right now?!  No, I'm not clubbing.  Nope, I'm not riding a roller coaster either.  Oh, Paris?  No, I'm not there either.  Chatting it up with a cutie at a bar? I wish! Spending time with friends? Family? Yea right!


Yup.  I bet you guys are jealous, right?  No need to say it because it's totally understood.  

I reached the point where I was having to resort to the unbecoming undergarments, and that is where I draw the line, ladies and gents.  Normally, I just use laundry as the perfect excuse to drive home.  But ever since I got a job (which, by the way, I absolutely love), I've been working weekends, which means no more clothes conveniently washed by my mother dearest :(

It only slightly bums me out that I've haven't had any weekend plans for the past month other than work.  I think I've been losing grips on my social life, but oddly enough I think I'm okay with that.  Everything will pick back up once I turn 21 in 12 months and 24 days.  In case you didn't catch on to the math, that's my subtle way of telling you my 20th birthday is coming up soon.  It's okay, I'm a Comm major- math isn't my strong point either.  Other than my birthday looming around the corner, here are some more things coming up in my life that I'm pretty excited about:

1. HerCampus UAB is doing a nail art contest this week called Mani Mania!  If you have any cute nail art tips, send them my way!  (By the way, this flyer is made by yours truly.  What do you think?)

2.  UAB's PRCA/PRSSA (aka Public Relations club, ya'll) is kicking off the LessThanUThink campaign this week!  It's this amazing campaign done all across the state to raise awareness about the negative social consequences of binge drinking.  Did you know that binge drinking is considering having 4 to 5 drinks within a two hour period?!  Definitely an important fact to realize.  If you're curious, here's a little event writeup I did.

3.  I'm going to see Dr. Dog and GIVERS play on Monday night!  Both of them are two of my favorite bands to see live, so I'm pretty excited.  Let's just ignore the fact that I have my most important midterm at 8am Tuesday morning...

Okay, I have to get my clothes out of the dryer now.  I'll just be dreaming about what everyone else is spending their Saturday night doing whilst I thoughtfully crumple fold my clothes. Though I will say, I have seen about 5 other people in the building do their laundry tonight too, so I'm know I'm not the only homebody!  I'm just going to cuddle in bed and watch old episodes of 30 Rock for the rest of my night...Oops, I meant to say "study."  I'm definitely going to go "study."


  1. Apologies in advance for the sheer length of my comment, but my predisposition to 'waffle' is a habit I have just given-up on shaking.

    I managed to watch - albeit 12 months too late - the DIY documentary that is Catfish a few weeks ago, and for some apparent reason – probably because I was a tad sceptic towards the authenticity of the production - it urged me to endeavour into the world of motion picture reviews. Anyway, within a few Google searches of the word Catfish a certain somebody’s blog space/movie review appeared on my computer screen. After reading your views on the film (oh, and may I say congratulations on not contributing an ounce to ‘spoiler alert’ of which I am so accustomed to doing – it’s trait my friends and I agree I really must shake) I was compelled to indulge further into the extremely fascinating and particularly well written world of CASUAL BEDLAM. Without wasting anymore of your precious time, I guess I really just wanted to show my appreciation from ‘across the pond’ as the prepositional phrase tends to go.

    Keep up the good posts,
    John Paul, Cheshire, England x

  2. you're seeing GIVERS?!?!?!? where???? and i love your header, did you create it yourself?