Friday, March 9, 2012

homesick heartache

This is the longest I have ever been away from home in my entire life.  Sure, it's only been 7 weeks, but home is only an hour and a half away.  I hate that I haven't been able to visit every 3 weeks like I used to.  This whole not-seeing-my-family thing is just so strange.  I don't know how people who live farther than 90 miles away manage it.  (Note to self: don't decide to browse family photos on nights when you're feeling extra nostalgic....because tears will flow)

In case you couldn't tell, I'm the little cutie second from the right.  

It's crazy to watch how we're all growing up.  Mary-Jane (28) makes a difference in the lives of young ladies as a basketball coach and as a youth leader, while slowly taking over the family biz.  Natalie (26) will be moving to Macon, Georgia soon for the great new job she's been waiting for.  And Gary (18) is about to graduate high school and join me at UAB in the fall.  It's all just so surreal to think about!

Not a day goes by where I don't wish they were here in Birmingham with me.  Of course when I'm at home they drive me crazy, but I love them with every last bit of my heart.  It's weird to admit, but my parents and siblings really are my best friends, and every day I'm so thankful for the great relationship we all have with each other.

Only one more week until I can finally go home for a few days again.  How did people even begin to cope with this feeling before the modern marvel of cellphones existed?! My mind can't even comprehend it.

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  1. Awuh. I definitely understand the homesick feeling. Spring Break for me couldn't come at a better time...I'm currently home and I feel so blessed to be around the people that I love/love me the most.

    You'll be home soon friend!