Saturday, March 10, 2012

granting a birthday wish

I have this friend, and every year since we have known each other he has asked just one thing of me: to blog about him.  Ever since I picked up blogging, I've had many people jokingly ask to be featured on my blog.  They ask me to write about them, but the sad truth is most of the people that have asked are not worthy enough for me to write about!  It's been almost two years now that my dear friend's request has been put on the back burner of my blogging agenda, and it's time I quit procrastinating.  In the big scheme of blogging, I must say that none have ever been as worthy of a post as my dear friend Daniel.

Today is Daniel's 24th birthday, and I decided to grant him this one birthday wish.  

Even though we've probably seen each other less than a handful of times in the past year, I think Daniel is one of the most consistent friends I've ever had.  He is wise beyond his years, and I guess I should admit that he's pretty witty too.  The two of us, we have good banter.  We're both Chatty Cathy's, and because of that our phone calls have remained a constant throughout my week ever since coming to college.  

He likes Nashville, good cooking, "rain tornados", record shops, Jesus, and computers.  He probably likes a lot more than that, but I don't want to list them because I'm afraid it will make you like him too much.  It's actually a problem.  For some strange reason, people genuinely like this guy!

So congratulations, Daniel.  You've officially been blogged (and it's a full post at that!).  You can put this on your resume now.

P.S.  Curious for some more Daniel? Follow him on Twitter @theakridge

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  1. Awuh, so sweet!
    I love love consistent friends.

    I should start featuring my friends as blog posts!