Tuesday, February 28, 2012

tuesday tunes//Bowerbirds

Okay, I'm finally doing it!  I'm finally linking up with the oh so fantastic Danielle for her weekly Tuesday Tunes music feature.  I am obsessed with her picks every week, as well as fellow Tuesday Tunes blogger Melissa's fantastic choices.  (Side note: Don't those two girls have two of the most beautifully designed blogs you have ever set your eyes on? Totally jealous of their skills).  Since I'm always recommending music to practically every person I come across, I think this will be a great way to keep me consistent with my posting.

So for my first official Tuesday Tunes suggestion, I'd like to share with you lovely readers Bowerbirds, a band I've been loving on for the past few months.  They make some of my favorite study music because their tunes are mellow, but not in a put you to sleep kind of way.  It's just enough to keep my mind at ease. There's just something about his voice, as well as her voice, that makes me love life.

Bowerbirds is releasing their new album, The Clearing, on March 6th.  I've been streaming it all evening, and it's just as fantastic as their first release.  I'm especially excited because I plan on witnessing these lovely sounds live when they come to Bottletree in just a few months.

I hope everyone has a lovely remainder of their Tuesday evening.  Taylor and I are resurrecting our Tuesday night $5 movie date by going to see Woman In Black.  I hope it's not too frightening.  My weary mind can't handle stuff like that at this hour.

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