Saturday, February 11, 2012

on love, marriage, careers, and whatnot.

Just in time for the big day of love, a local news station came by one of my classes to ask about our thoughts on the current state of marriage.  You can catch me at the 1:15 mark giving my little opinion.

Did ya watch it? Class that day was actually really interesting. There were so many different thoughts and opinions coming from students that were single, married, divorced, single parents, in a domestic partnership, etc. There were great perspectives to consider. Everyone has their opinions on how their situation should be, but in the end I guess we don't really know how it should be until it happens to us.

And, well, as for me... Yea, I've got some big career woman aspirations (as I stated in the clip), and I am not afraid to admit it. And I will accept that wanting that doesn't necessarily mean you have to do it alone. Take for example the completely fictional doll that I will use as a real assertion of my point, Barbie- she did it all with Ken by her side, and continues to do it all without him (homegirl has been an astronaut, a doctor, a CEO, AND a fitness instructor!) So either way, what ends up happening is what's best for you.

But I will say that if it does mean having more nights like tonight spent alone in my room eating a pack of Reese's hearts (that I bought for just myself...), so be it.

Actually, this post was just to let you know how much I love seasonal Reese's.

Forget all that other stuff, this right here is TRU LUV


  1. I definitely think women can have it all! Don't worry, one day you will be able to have your career, a man, and your Reese's!
    Modern Modest Beauty

  2. Oh karla :)
    You're a superstar!

    But seriously. Go you. Stand up to the ridiculous societal view that "first comes school, then comes...marriage?" wait, what? No thanks for me either. I have no pessimistic view on love, because I seriously can't wait to fall in love, but marriage doesn't always have to equal love or vice versa. In order to have a successful marriage, I need to feel as though I've put myself first so I can put other people first later in life.

    And..reeses. mmmmmmm :)