Tuesday, February 21, 2012

more than okay

Today was the day that happiness occurred to me.  It's strange to think that an emotional state, a rather vague concept, can just occur, but that's what happened.  I came across this great happiness.  Happiness is living life exactly how you want to be living it.  For me that's found in engaging with the world around me.  Whether that's working a USGA polling booth for two hours telling various peers to "Have a nice day!" or sitting outside of Starbucks with a few friends soaking up this unusual February sunshine, it's embracing my surroundings and making the most of them.  Days like today remind me how much I love this time in my life, these college years.  They deserve to be cherished.  It occurred to me that the phrase "stressed out" is used way too loosely these days amongst my peers, and I am one of its greatest abusers.  This isn't stress, this is life.  And this life, it's more than okay.  In fact, it's pretty terrific.  


  1. Oh gosh, I've used the phrase "I'm stressed" way to much the past couple of days. Just gotta make some adjustments so I can fully enjoy the business of life! Thanks for the inspired post :)

  2. Yes! Yes! Amen sista.

    I am constantly, CONSTANTLY letting the world know how stressed out I am and I realized it last Tuesday (which is when you wrote this post, how weird?*) that I have got to take a step back and realize that, like you said, this is life and no matter what I need to soak it alllllll up and stop worrying about nonsense and being "stressed." I'm going to enjoy the moments that I have and be a little more carefree than the usual...it's all about balance. I seriously think we would be the greatest of friends spending countless hours in coffee shops and making campaign pieces for organizations while capturing every moment with our phones and Twitter.

    *Not ACTUALLY weird because we already decided that we're soul sistas and live in one another's brains.