Saturday, February 11, 2012

always something to do

I may or may not have bought a one way ticket on the crazy train.  Okay, I definitely did.  This week was cray cray, ya'll (yea, go ahead and punch for actually using that phrase).  It was just one to-do list after the next.   I filled up so many pages of my little Field Notes notebook with tasks and assignments! We've all heard the phrase "growing up is hard to do," and I must say....amen.  I just have an issue over-committing because like I mentioned some posts ago, I'm addicted to doing it all.  My awesome friend Daniel from back home seemed to give me a dose of reality though.....

Learning to say no.....hmm.  I'll have to add it to my list of things I need to learn how to do.

There have been a few things that have become some staples throughout my week though, such as:

Making flyers, oh so many flyers.

Emailing.  All-day, every day.  Booking agents, professors, supervisors, friends.  I've become that person that must check their inbox every hour.  Oh yes, that's me.  

Tuesday night $5 movies with Taylor (AKA my brief break from the world/pre-gaming for the Oscars). 

Yes, there's been craziness, but there's also been fun.  I've gotten new opportunities, and with the encouragement of a few friends, socializing is becoming familiar once again.  And throughout it all, I'm remembering what it's like to always keep what's best for me in mind.  Hope you've all been doing well, especially my fellow college gals.  To you girls I simply say, I know how you feel! 

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  1. oh i wanted to watch "extremely loud and incredibly close" but i never did....maybe later on i will :)