Monday, January 16, 2012

ramen remedies

Oh ramen, how I hate you.

But oh ramen, how you love me.

I run to you only in the midnight hours when the sound of a rumbling tummy summons.

Your orange wrapper taunts me with that starchy secret you hold inside.

With a hint of chicken flavor, and a dash of procrastination,

I drink your salty nectar with the utmost disgust-

And yet, my heart is full of delight.

Our relationship is so wrong,

But SO right.

You are loneliness.  You are comfort.  You are college.


Did I really just write a five minute poem about ramen instead of studying?

Yes, yes I did.

Talk about a low-point in my collegiate career.....


  1. HAHAHHAHA Love it!
    PRETTY sure you just made my laugh list version 3 (whenever that may be) ;)

  2. I also have a love/hate relationship with Ramen! It just tastes sooo good in the late hours. Loving the poem btw, better than studying...right?


  3. okay this is SERIOUSLY how I feel about Top Ramen!! Why is it SO good, yet SO bad?! It's not fair!!!

  4. So, you just wrote my feelings about ramen hahahaha.

  5. i grew on ramen, back when ppl weren't organic obsessed. and then i got older and found out how bad it is for you, w/ all of the sodium. and refused to eat it. but now i am having a secret love affair w/ it and could not be happier. but i only eat it as a treat. my sis likes to add cabbage and other veggies to it. :]