Thursday, January 5, 2012

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I need to be packing.  If I wasn't horribly embarrassed of the current living-out-of-a-massive-suitcase catastrophe my surroundings are, I would show you.  I would show you exactly why I need to be packing, or really why I should have spent this entire day packing.  Oh, and in case you were wondering, I'm packing to go back to school tomorrow!  I'm a little too excited to be going back to Birmingham, but after my month of being stuck in the commercialized suburban mess that is my hometown, you can't really blame me.  The only thing stopping me from leaving is this whole "packing" nonsense.  We can all just agree that it's the worst, right? 

I've spent this past week squeezing in as many last minute hang outs with my at-home friends before heading back, which includes my blogging best friend Alexandra.  The other night we convened at a local watering hole (also known as Starbucks) to catch-up/discuss plans for a potential Etsy store!  Did you just get a tingle of excitement?  Because I sure did.  And I just had to share the awkward/poorly lit/even more poorly edited iPhone photos of our hangout.  

And tonight we convened again, only this time we were joined by Alex's precious baby Indigo and the other piece to our friendship puzzle, Hollie.

And on that note, can we just stop and swoon over Lloyd Dobbler for a second, much to Chuck Klosterman's dismay (this is a reference that anyone who's read Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs can appreciate I hope).  I love that my roommate enjoys a good pop culture reference as much as I do.

Okay, so I'm done blogging to procrastinate.  I've got to make at least one solid attempt at packing SOMETHING up before I can go to bed with a good conscience.

Oh, who am I's almost 2am.  I'm totally going to bed.

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    I love traveling, I hate packing because packing always means UNpacking. You know?

    I can't believe break is already over! (for you) I go back to school the 17th. Okay, I can feel your jealous stares right now haha.

    Etsy store?
    Please do it!!! My roommates and I contemplated this idea as well!!