Monday, December 5, 2011

things that happened

Hooray for finally getting to blog again! I have just a few days of slight freedom until finals roll around.  On the bright side, after Friday I'm totally done with this semester!!!! I'm just so excited to go home.  It hasn't really felt like Christmas yet, so I'm hoping being around my family helps usher in some of that much needed holiday cheer.  I thought I'd dedicate this post as a little catch up to all the neat things I ended up doing this weekend.  It was too much fun not studying.  I mean, I literally laid in bed all day Sunday just watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix (Sidenote: Oh my gosh, Ted Mosby.  He's just too perfect, right? Right. Which is why he's a fictional character, of course).

Get ready, this is a photo heavy post-

So this weekend I.....

Finished my paper, drank a lot of tea, and listened to the song "Open Season" by High Highs...a lot.

Went to a Chinese Buffet with my dorm neighbor/friend extraordinaire Daniel.

Started AND finished crocheting this pretty little earwarmer! 

Supported local artists by going to the Holiday Craft Bazaar around town with my roommate Hollie.  I bought this giggle-inducing magnet and this adorable stitched outline of my sweet state (along with a few Christmas gifts I can't post photos of on my blog!)

Continued the local theme of the day by trying out a tasty Birmingham restaurant, Cantina.  

 And then got dessert at Dreamcakes, our favorite little bakery in town! Isn't this Rudolph Red Velvet Cupcake just the cutest? Their cupcakes hold true to their name- I seriously dream about these cupcakes.

Shopped for ugly Christmas sweaters at Wal-Mart because all the thrift stores in town were picked over.

Went to the Christmas party in a semi-homemade sweater.  Just in case you didn't know, hot glue can really get you far in this life.

And I ended the night by eating at Al's, a local post-party Birmingham staple, with the dorm neighbors.

Things that also happened this weekend:  I OFFICIALLY became Facebook friends with this awesome blogger, cleaned my room, pretended to work on my resume, and continued to drool over Ted Mosby/Josh Radnor.  Pretty eventful, huh?  So now please tell me, what did you guys end up doing?

And send me your Twitter links so I can keep up with all you lovely bloggers out there! I've already started following a few of you.  I'm kind of obsessed with Twitter.  It's almost wrong how much joy it provides a social media addict like myself. 


  1. Hehe, yay for the shoutout! I can't wait to continually stalk you... I mean.. check up on you ;)

    It looks like you had SUCH a fabulous weekend! Seriously. I wish I actually took pictures this weekend but I was too busy enjoying the company of my wonderful friends from Georgia. We should seriously plan a meet-up session soon!! we're only a few states away, it could totally work.

    I want to get cupcakes with you and try restaurants and watch Netflix :(

  2. OH and that earwarmer is f********** adorable.

  3. I was so distracted by the tinsel, I NEVER READ THE WITTY PHRASE ACROSS YOUR BOOBS!!! Genius, Wal-Mart, just genius.

    Ps... This is Savannah :)

  4. Oh and one more PS.. I want an ear warmer!

  5. I crocheted two scarves this past weekend! I'm working on an earwarmer now :)

  6. I am freaking loving all the Christmas jumpers.

  7. I love the garland detail of your sweatshirt! and your ear warmer is sooo cute.