Wednesday, December 28, 2011

post holiday hibernation

This is life during winter break: a horrifyingly messy room, an unmade bed, and my laptop by my side.  What's strange is that I would never be like this back at school.  My dorm is always somewhat clean, my bed is always somewhat made, and I always have the option of actually doing something at all times.  There's just something about spending this season at home that just makes me want to totally shut off the world around me.  All I want is to cuddle up in my oddly misshapen queen size bed with either my Netflix account or a good book.  But, I'm getting better!  My social butterfly is slowly emerging past the walls of Twitter and Facebook conversations and getting back to the world it used to know.  Tonight I stepped out of my bunker for the first time since Christmas and embraced the winter air.  I broke my rule of reading the book beforehand, and saw The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo with some dear old friends (which, by the way, is a movie I highly recommend everyone go and see as soon as possible).

Afterwards, I drove home with my windows down and my heater on full blast.  The air was wonderfully crisp, and the stars were really quite bright.  It felt so nice to just get outside.

I've loved being able to live without any obligation since Christmas, but that is a blessing that can only last so long until it turns into a curse of immeasurably lethargic proportions.  My natural state is one that's always kept busy, and I'd like to return to some form of that.  It's hard with my family at work/friends busy with their family and significant others/finally watching every episode of How I Met Your Mother, but it must be done! So tomorrow/in a few hours because it's currently 3am, I'm waking up with an alarm (so I say), I'm going for a jog (so I say), and I'm FINALLY going to submit my resume to a few internships (so I say). Wish me luck, everyone, and I'll wish you the same!

Also, THIS needs to stop.  And by this, I mean taking ridiculous photos of myself as such on Photobooth.

Seriously, it's getting to be a problem. 


  1. Hahaha. Amen sister, I fell into the holiday hibernation rut as well. Good luck on your jogging and internship hunt as well!

  2. The first couple of days post school finishing up used to be the busiest for me, I would always pack so much into them with coffee dates, going to see bands, drinks etc. And the week afterwards I would do exactly what you've been doing. It's nice for a week or so, but then you need to be rushing around and fussing over something.

    Goodluck with the internship hunting!