Saturday, December 17, 2011

oh my attire: working woman wear

I've spent this week helping out at one of my parent's stores with my two older sisters.  Here's a glimpse at the few of the ensembles I've put together in honor of being self-proclaimed sales associate of the week.

Cardigan: Target, Tank: Banana Republic, Skirt: Ann Taylor LOFT, Tights: Express, Shoes: Gap

On Sunday we had an open house where some family friends came out to view some of this season's great sales.  I decided to totally overdress in my all black get-up and top it all off with a bold red lip.  Honestly, I just wanted an occasion to wear this skirt.  I bought it over the summer for a mere $5, and I've been aching for the perfect winter occasion to wear it to ever since!  Oh, and I got to be the jolly giant for the day in my platforms which made me approximately 6 feet tall.  I may or may not have severely stumbled.....twice. 

Cardigan: N/A, Tank: J.Crew, Brooch: J.Crew, Pants: Gap, Shoes: Gap

Another day, another excuse to wear these way too comfortable 3.5" platforms.  It was on this day that the December high was 76 degrees...ridiculous, right?  But at least I had a reason to wear this J.Crew tank that I scored for $1.39!  

Shirt: Gap, Brooch: J.Crew, Brooch: J.Crew, Skirt: Target, Belt: Old Navy, Tights: Ann Taylor LOFT, Boots: Target online

And this was today(now yesterday)'s get up- Friday Funday.  This is about as far as my "grunge" look will go.  I know, I know, super pathetic excuse for grunge.  Don't judge me for my lack of plaid- I had a few holes in my tights and everything!  Oh how I ache so badly to channel Kurt Cobain, but my femininity takes over and I always end up missing the mark.  Maybe one day I can pull off Angela Chase chic, but for now I'm just a 21st century mashup.

So thanks for taking a peek into my "work" attire.  I'm still learning the ropes of the family biz, but for now I just hope these outfits inspired a little fashionable spark in you. 

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  1. So precious!
    I love your professional look! Who knows, with our PR majors we may be able to dress like this more often! I just can't wait.

    That's so amazing your parents own their own company. I love local! I'll need to stop by if I'm in Alabama!

    I love your chevron tights!

  2. really like the second outfit a lot :) cute outfit!!

  3. All of these are so cute, but I especially love the first outfit. That skirt is adorable...and what a steal!

    May I have your email? I am wanting to do a post on my sponsors, but I need to get a few things from you. Email me at and I will give you the details!


  4. i love these outfits! they look great!

  5. I absolutely love the last outfit! It's screaming my name :) I think I need a black pancil skirt asap! haha ^^ x