Friday, December 30, 2011

for your ears: my favorite albums of 2011, pt. 1

Growing up, there was a brief period in my life where I desired nothing more than to be the person that chose the songs for certain scenes in films and television shows (I believe it's called a music director, or something of that nature).  Every time I heard a song, I would imagine at what instance that song could best be used in a person's life.  Were they going through a breakup, involved in a vicious argument, or staring out of a car window in an introspective manner?  I still do it though.  I still hear an album and imagine at what moment these albums could fit into my life.  Looking back, I'd like to think 2011 was a pretty fantastic year for me because it was a year that I experienced many firsts.  These albums were here for me through the many moments of heartache, moments of joy, and moments of clarity.  And if you guys don't mind, I'd like to share some of those albums and the things they remind me of with you.

(In no specific order...)

1. James Blake, James Blake

Sleepless nights, 4am, walking to class, being alone, rainy days, that incredibly lame boy I started listening to this album for.

2. Drake, Take Care

The moment when I scoffed when I was asked if I listened to Drake by a friend in the library, and then 20 minutes later when I listened to this album and regretted that pretentious scoff.  

3. Cults, Cults

Sitting on the edge of an overlook glancing at the twinkling lights of Birmingham, going to the Cults show with my best friends, the beginning of my first college heartache, my sweet friend Alex sticking by my side.

4. Fleet Foxes, Helplessness Blues

Road trips taken alone, the transition between the end of my first year away at college, my unfortunately melancholy summer, and noticing the leaves change color every drive back to Birmingham.

5. Feist, Metals

Cardigan weather, gray skies, heavy hearts, winter doldrums, coffee, finally reaching for my sketchbook again.

Stay tuned until tomorrow for part two!

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