Saturday, November 19, 2011

"what's wrong with your voice?"

Being a Public Relations major, it should come as no surprise to anyone that I love to talk.  It's a favorite hobby of mine, really. I just love people, and I love interacting all day long.  Well, I've always had a pretty raspy voice, so going hoarse has always been like second nature to me as long as I can remember.  Lately though, this little scratchy voice of mine has hit it's low point...and by that I mean it's gone, well kind of.  I've really been struggling to speak, and I can't carry words out without my voice just cracking like that of the prepubescent boy that lives within.  Not a day goes by without someone asking "Hey, what's wrong with your voice? Are you sick or something?", and I'll just have to respond with "Oh no, this is just my voice."  I've heard it's sexy, and hey I don't doubt that one bit.  There's an allure to this raspy voice of mine that even I can't deny, and for that reason I would hate to lose it.  I mean, if I'm struggling in the gentleman department WITH my voice, imagine how much harder it would be WITHOUT one?! Yikes.

Anyways, I say all that to say today has been a day of vocal rest for me.  I feel like Adele, or you know, every other singer in the world (Let's just ignore the minor detail that I can't sing/never been able to/now somehow sound like a dog whistle when I try to sing my beloved Beyonce songs in the car). I'm just spending my day keeping quiet as a mouse and sipping on my favorite Middle Eastern chamomile tea with some natural honey.  I feel a bit awkward though spending the day cooped up in my stuffy little dorm sans interaction.  It's quite unusual for me, but at least it's made a little better by the fact that I get to sip out of this mug all day long.  Jealous much?  Yea, that's what I thought. 

I hope you guys are having a great Saturday afternoon!   I hope you don't have to spend it doing homework like I am, and that instead you're spending it looking forward to Thanksgiving like I wish I was doing.

P.S. What do you guys think about the minor changes to the blog? I thought it needed a bit of sprucing up! I'm trying to step up my Photoshop game, so bear with me because the more I learn the prettier this little piece of internet will become.  Also, I finally made a button (check it out on the right), so if you're looking to trade buttons just hit me up! I'd love to show your blog some love on my page :) 


  1. I would love to swap buttons if interested! I have a few buttons on my page you could grab...let me know!

    -Amanda K.

  2. I like raspy voices! I wish mine was raspier, actually. Some times when I [attempt to] sing, I try to do it in a more raspier voice, haha.

    And girl, I am LOVING your new blog look :) Seriously. I'd love to trade buttons with you. Do you have a specific size you'd like? Mine are usually 250x150 :D Let's trade!

  3. I had the raspiest voice ever last week and everyone kept telling me how sexy it sounded, too! haha! I'm kind of jealous that yours is permanently raspy - I think raspy voices are the cutest. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog, it made me smile. Also: lurve that mustache mug! Happy Monday!

  4. I love your banner. I hope your voice's better soon sweetie. x hivenn p.s enter my $200 shopbop giveaway?

  5. Seriously love the coffee cup!! Your blog is too cute!! I'm glad to see a fellow B'hizzle resident on here!

  6. WE NEED THAT MUG! Blog is looking super pretty :) - can't wait to see more as you're learning sweets!