Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving GUEST POST by Alexandra from My Blog, Kip!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  I thought I'd share this holiday of thanks by trading blogs with my best blogging friend (and real life best friend) Alexandra from My Blog, Kip.  So check out her awesome list of thanks and head on over to her little portion of the interwebz to read mine :) 

Hey, folks!
I’m Alexandra from My Blog, Kip!

Happy turkey day! I don’t know about you all, but I’m kinda not a big fan of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is kind of like a Thursday, just the “okay” before the best. Ya know?
…However, I am a fan of being thankful.
I’ve made a list of a few things I’m thankful for, because, well, I need to remind myself of how lucky I am to have these things…This past year, in fact almost a year exactly, I’ve gone through a ridiculous amount of changes.  I’m pretty sure that the list I would have made last year would have consisted of some pretty useless things (I’ll give you a hint: loko)…..SO ANYWAYS (yeah, I was that person).

Alexandra’s (white hot) top 10 (things to be Thankful for):
(I just want to go ahead and say that I’m thankful for Karla, OBVIOUSLY…and all of my other friends and family, but that would take up my whole list.)

1.  OKAY YEAH OF COURSE MY DAUGHTER. I MEAN COME ON. But really. Indigo Sophia, my sweet little bundle of bright eyed, fairly gassy baby. (I would say more but, uhm you can read it on my blog). 

2.  LAST CLICHÉ ONE, FORREALZ. My sweet boyfriend. He’s a ginger. We’ve been together for two years. He likes a good cat pun every Meow and again. He’s sporting a mustache right now. WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE? 

3.  Chocolate chip waffles/speghettio’s. (How about you don’t judge me…) I put these under the same number because I could fill my entire list of preservative filled frozen/canned foods. These delicious delectable dishes are quick and scrumptious. NOMZ.

4.  Cameras-in general. The good camera, the bad camera, the phone camera. It’s all the same. I have had a pretty awesome life, and I’m SO thankful I can remember all of the hilarious (or not so hilarious) memories. Oh, middle school how can you haunt and amuse me at the same time (Kind of like the Human Centipede-yeah)

(Karla's note: Oh my goodness, this photo is from when we dressed up as "scene kids" for Homecoming week sophomore year of high school.  There's me on the left, and Alexandra in the middle.  We were pretty much parodying ourselves.)

5.  A washing machine. Never underestimate the amazingness of a washing machine. I cloth diaper. NUFF SAID.

6.  Thrift stores and consignments shops. Pretty much everything I own was either thrifted, consigned, or from Forever 21. POOR MAMA IS POOR.

7.  Karla’s music taste. Before I met Karla I was lost, but now I’m found. We’ve traveled the world of terrible music choices together (starting with Underoath, working our way to Cute is What We Aim For, and then topping it off with “OH ME GEE I’M SO SCENE.” I’m pretty sure we’re on a good music taste streak (How I adore Zee Avi)

8.  Exercise balls. Yeah, you read right. I know most of you that read this blog aren’t parents, yet…but when you are, get an exercise ball-not for exercise, but for rocking your kiddo to sleep (strange I know, I’d probably be dead right now if I didn’t have one).

9. Rainbows. I just really like them. They're so happy, and delicious (cue picture of my victorious cake creation--thank you pinterest)


10.  My Volvo 240 wagon- Lame finale, eh? It’s just been one of those things that I feel like is going to make a really great story when I’m old. I mean I have a bumpersticker with the worlds “Helen Keller’s Ukelele” on it (local band). For a while, when it was hot out (and I had no a/c) my car would just stop working at a stop light. I would have to turn it off and then turn it on again (Karla always thought she was going to die). Good times. GOOD TIMES.

So yeah! That’s my list. I’m sure most of you are thinking “wow, that’s a lame list.” Well, yeah, it kind of is. BUT I’m an extremely sentimental person (as in I’m a major hoarder) and I love looking back and laughing and enjoying my past (even the bad things). 

So, in true mommy fashion, wash your hands, brush your teeth, and be Thankful! We’ve got one life to live, no need to wallow in self-pity about what you wish you had.



  1. Adorable, love the rainbow cake & the picture of the nappies out drying - Little M was a cloth-bummed babe too :) x

  2. Alexandra just found my blog the other day, and I am so glad she did. Her blog is just the cutest! It's nice to get to know her better, and to find another Zee Avi fan :)