Thursday, November 3, 2011

halloween hoopla

I've never done an "adult" Halloween.  Even through my highschool years, I always just kicked back at home with a friend or two on Halloween because I loved seeing the little trick-or-treaters.  I decided that this would be the year I would step out and do Halloween the way a young collegiate is supposed to do it. Being the do-it-yourself type of gal that I am, I cannot even fathom paying tons and tons of money for a "sexy" Halloween costume that comes straight from a bag.  What's the fun in that, right?  My version of a "sexy" affordable costume: pin-up girl.  I got all dolled up without spending a penny! (except for the red lipstick, which is currently my new obsession).  

Bathing suit: Wal-Mart, Belt: Target, Shorts: Gap, Shoes: Target

So what do you guys think about my alternative to the typical sexy Halloween costume?  I went around asking everyone that night if I looked like a pin-up girl or a hooker because that is a fine line that I did not want to cross!  I think I kept it flirty, but still pretty tame, which totally suits my personality.  Now as for my friends....well, here's a peek at what those creative kids came up with. 

Hollie went as zombie Amy Winehouse.  Too soon?

Umar was the perfect Barnacle Boy from Spongebob (Note: that's definitely a women's turtleneck from Wal-Mart...)

Sean and Matt went as your friendly duo of Batman and Robin.

And look! Vince and Jules (pretty ladies Savannah and Janet) from Pulp Fiction showed up! 

And check out my best pal Alex and her baby Indigo's matching Rosie the Riveter costumes over on her blog.  Aren't they just the cutest?! 

I must say I'm pretty proud of everyone's creativity.  Halloween has always been a favorite holiday of mine for two reasons: 1.) Dressing up  2.) Reese's Pumpkins....Okay, I lied. It's really just because of Reese's Pumpkins.  You guys know that something about the holiday Reese's make them so much tastier than the actual peanut butter cups!

I've loved getting to see everyone else's posts about their costumes the past few days! I just wish we could have one big Halloween party amongst all of us bloggers.  Can you imagine all the creative energy that'd be flowing through that shindig?!  I'm getting inspired just thinking about it!  Happy November, everyone! 


  1. You looked fantastic! I have never really done the "adult" Halloween thing either. I honestly feel like wearing a little more material on Halloween can get you more attention when you are in a sea of girls wearing bras and panties! I think you did a perfect job of keeping it classy, and still sexy though! The bathing suit was a great idea!

    Thank you for your sweet comment by the way! It means a lot since my blog is still a baby. I am following you as well :].

    -Amanda K.

  2. I love everything about this post. You make an AMAZING pin-up, lady!

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  4. Love your costume!!! I was a pin-up a couple years ago for Halloween and unfortunately a lot of people didn't know what I was :/ I like your version of it, very classy-sexy :)