Tuesday, November 15, 2011

for your ears: zee avi, floating action, lord huron

It seems as though I took yet another slight little blogging hiatus- sorry about that! So much for working on consistency, right? I think I've just been writing so much for school the past week that my personal writing had to just chill for a little bit.  I've really been struggling because I haven't found a focus for any of the blog posts that have come into mind this past week, so I just kind of avoided them.  How do you guys narrow it down?!

I realized I haven't done a music post for quite some time, and I've been bursting at the seems with great songs and artists to share with you guys! Pardon my laziness, but here are some tunes I really suggest you check out! Since I couldn't narrow it down, I decided to include them all :)

1. Zee Avi

So instead of including a performance video of Miss Zee Avi, I thought I'd post the Oliver Peoples video I first heard her song featured in.  Isn't it the most charming thing you've ever seen? How did I not know of her existence before last week?! Her music makes me want to frolic in a field of flowers.  It's just...love, perfection, and all that other good stuff. Please check her out!  You'll love her, I just know you will.  I mean, she's a Malaysian ukelele playing cutie who got discovered on Youtube- the option to NOT love her doesn't even exist, right?!

2.  Floating Action

This song has been on repeat all week.  Follow in my footsteps- Listen. Enjoy. Repeat.  Don't ask questions, just do it.  I promise you'll thank me later.   I stumbled on their self-titled album by accident, but it's become my go-to listen when I just need to chill.  It's one of those albums where you don't even realize how many times you've listened to it because it's just that good. 

3. Lord Huron

I may have just recently discovered them, Lord Huron might just be one of my new favorite bands.  Their sound is just so good, and so irresistible.  It's got this tropical vibe to it which I kind of sort of really love.

Also, they put on one of the best live shows I've ever seen.  I saw them open up for Givers Halloween weekend at The Bottletree Cafe here in Birmingham and they were just the best.  They are one of those bands who's sound you don't think will transcend to well to a live performance, but in fact just blows you away.  Ever since I saw them live, I haven't been able to stop listening to their sweet tunes.

Okay, so I could definitely keep going, but I'll end my little roundup list here since it's almost 1am.  Hope you guys enjoyed it!  I'm about to head off to read some Kafka for World Lit tomorrow (and by reading Kafka I mean watch the newest episode of New Girl. I can't be the only one willing to put off homework for the oh so quirky Zooey Deschanel, right?!)


  1. Hi! I love the first one, thanks for sharing this lovely music(:

    I really like your blog! I will be following(;

    Have an awesome day!

    Carmila Ponycat


  2. I'm going to have to check out this music :]

    And I would do anything for Zooey...anything.

  3. Zee Avi is one of my favourite female artists ever. I'm so glad you discovered her. More people definitely need to know about her! :)