Wednesday, November 30, 2011

blogging > studying

Yikes- what a face, right?  That face right there pretty much sums up this week.  Coffee.  Scarves.  And a frown-inducing amount of responsibility.  I've only got two more days of classes to conquer and then I'll have just a tiny break before finals.  That means tonight I'll be writing a world lit paper, studying for my Social Problems final, and writing an article for HerCampus.  All. for. tomorrow.  Oh, and did I mention it's already 10pm here in Alabama?  But, in the typical fashion of a serial procrastinator, getting started really is the hardest part.  I'm trapping myself in this dorm room until I get it done.  This ugly green couch (pictured above) in our living room will be my terribly uncomfortable home for the night.

 All-nighter, here I come.

So hey, I hope your week is going well.  I can't wait to catch up on everyone's blogs when I get the chance.  Oh, and any tips on what to look for when finding the perfect ugly Christmas sweater?  I've never been to an ugly Christmas sweater party, and this year I've got two to attend!  I've really got to dress to impress, but in a bad way, you know?


  1. Yikes. Well, good luck with all your coursework! Hope you finish with a kabang!

    Love the glasses, too!

  2. Good luck with your all-nighter! Luckily I've never had to do one of those, and I hope it stays that way ;) For ugly sweaters, I'd check out Goodwill - I've gotten plenty from there before!

  3. Goodluck, I hope you get everything done in time! When I was studying I would leave everything until the last minute, it was so stressful & unnecessary but everything got done in the end.

    I need your glasses!

  4. Oh, I have so been there done that. WIsh you all the luck on your studs.

    Followed, hope you dont mind. And maybe youll visit me someday.


  5. LOL I totally looked like this last year too (in my last year of university). Love your glasses!


  6. Haha yes! Ugly sweater parties are the best! I bought one a few years ago .. and I actually love it now (weird....) Goodwill is ALWAYS a great place to find some :) or search through your Mom's closet? Or a Mom of a friend's closet?

    i wish blogging was more important than studying. I would be so much more baller.