Saturday, November 26, 2011

bed restin' shenanigans

You guys want to know what's not as fun as it sounds? Bed rest.  I want to the doctor yesterday to figure out what was going on with the mess that is my immune system, and apparently I have come down with a pitiful case of tonsillitis.  No Black Friday shopping for this little lady.  Oh and remember that slight issue with my extra raspy voice I mentioned a few posts ago?  Apparently I have developed a vocal allergy simply caused by my environment, i.e. secondhand smoke.  So here I am, all sickly in bed, fighting a fever and living off Tylenol as I'm confined to my room until I hit the 48 hour mark and am no longer considered contagious.  You guys should see how my family is acting around me.  I'm pretty much the local leper stuck outside the city walls.

The good, studious collegiate would obviously see this as the perfect opportunity to write the 4 papers she has due this week, along with studying for a final, and working on an oral Arabic, mind you.  But you see, I'm not that good, studious collegiate.  I am the lazy lethargic one who doesn't mind eating ice cream and popsicles for every meal as I lay in bed looking like Helena Bonham Carter on a bad hair day.  But hey, at least I've lost some weight from all this.  Every cloud has it's shallow silver lining, right?!

Here are a few things that have kept me entertained while I build up some bed sores (Oh gosh, I'm so sorry for that horrifying imagery.  I don't have bed sores, I swear.  And to think, people wonder why I'm still single...):

This song:

These movies (thank you Netflix):

This TV show (I never miss an episode):

This website: 

(That's supposed to be me on the left, with my bff's Alexandra and Hollie)

Combine all of this with some online shopping and plenty of Pinterestin', and you've got yourself a slightly entertained gal.  If you guys have any more fun websites/instant movies/good music to keep my bedridden self entertained, please send them my way!  I'm looking for every excuse NOT to get my study on.  

***And don't forget to check out my Thanksgiving guest post over on Alexandra's blog!***


  1. AWW Karla!
    I hope you feel better soon :( Being sick [especially in college] is NO fun. At least there is Netflix and online shopping! I wouldn't be able to exist... I'm literally about to turn on MY Netflix right now. Haha

    You look cute as a Hipster ;)

  2. I hope you feel better soon! I hate being sick.


  3. Sorry to hear about the bed rest :(

  4. OMG! Thanks for that website lovely lady!

    Sorry your own bed rest. :( No fun.

    Would love for you to check out my blog and follow. Let me know and Ill be sure to follow back.


  5. Hope you get better soon! Nothing like the Netflix and the extents of the internet to keep you company while being sick :)

    I recently found the hipster girl dress up site too. I had so much fun making me hipster self!

  6. Hi Karla,

    Hope you are feeling better!
    I was hoping to get your email to get a few things from you for a Sponsor Intro post I am planning on for December. If you could email me at, I will send you the details! Thanks!

    -Amanda k.