Thursday, October 27, 2011

spooky cinematic adventures

You know it's not Halloween without some good ol' fashioned horror movie viewings.  Now normally scary movies are left to watch with friends on a cozy couch somewhere, but this year was different.  One of Birmingham's most well-known symbols is the Alabama Theatre in downtown.  It's been around forever (and by forever I mean the early 20th century), and I love it because it still has all of it's vintage charm.  A few weeks ago I saw Fleet Foxes there, but what I really looked forward to was watching some horror movies on the silver screen.  Last week, my stylish friend Matt and I headed out for a viewing of Roman Polanski's famed horror flick Rosemary's Baby, starring the adorable Mia Farrow and oh so creepishly handsome John Cassavettes.  Have you guys seen it?  It really is a classic thriller. Check out the awesome movie poster: 

But the fun didn't stop there.  Two days later we went and watched the anti-climatic The Blair Witch Project and ever-gory Dawn of the Dead.  The experience was just so lovely.  They bring out an old fashioned organ player and we all did a Halloween sing-a-long together.  If you guys are ever around this part of the South, I really suggest you check out the Alabama Theatre here in Birmingham.  I can't wait for them to start rolling out the holiday films! But for now, I must simply focus on figuring out what exactly I'm going to be wear for all these Halloween festivities coming up....Pin-up girl, anyone?


  1. Oh goodness...I have got to make my way to the Alabama theater one of these days!!! Maybe i could come along with u whenever u go again!! Oh and u absolutely MUST post pics of ur pin-up girl costume!!! ps- I HEART ur blog!!!

  2. oh Rosemary's Baby! one of my favorite horror movies! Have you seen The Tenant and Repulsion? It's a triology in fact.
    xoxo, Betül