Wednesday, October 19, 2011

a list of current loves

It's 12am, and I'm up.  I probably (definitely) haven't done as much studying as I should have for the night, but sometimes it's just not worth it.  My mood is oddly content peppered with slight melancholy and some sort of built up eagerness for a new day.  Today, I got to sneak in a little bit of "me and the city" time.  It's nice to get away from campus for some alone time, even if it is for just a half hour while I post up some flyers around downtown.

On a day where I felt as though I looked my worst, a sweet, albeit slightly nervous, lady at a local coffee shop looked at me and said "You just look so cute."  Catching me off guard, my instant reply was "Really?!" as if to question her compliment, followed by a big smile and a drawn out thank you.  She was just so...sweet and awkward, and I know I was too, but I loved it.  It's one of those moments that's going to stick with me for no reason other than it made me feel like a million bucks on the inside when I really needed it.  Dwelling on that moment, along with a local shop-owner encouraging me to "get laid" on Thanksgiving and a (presumably?) homeless man making me giggle, it just changed my mood to one that was so odd, yet so lovely.  Like at the same moment I could laugh, I could just as easily cry.  Has anyone else ever felt that way before?

Anyway, I thought I'd share with you guys just a few things that I just really can't stop loving today.

1.) Feist's new album, Metals.

Holy smokes, this album is just the greatest.  Leslie Feist can do no wrong, you guys, let me tell you that.    Find a way to enjoy this bad boy because it's just the greatest.  I think I've listened to it about 4 times through already.  It was the perfect soundtrack to today's whole "simultaneous laugh/cry" mood.

2.) Uncle Ben's Ready Rice

Heats up in 90 seconds.  Satisfies my rice-loving desires.  'Nuff said.

3.) 2 Broke Girls

This show is just a whole bunch of LOLs.  Whitney Cummings created it, Molly McAleer writes for it, and Kat Dennings is awesome starring in it as Max (I'm really enjoying the fact that her sass transcended from the big screen to television so well).  The premise is pretty simple to catch on to, I'm sure you can figure it out by just watching the clip I posted, so it's pretty light viewing.  And sure, it has your typical cheesy sitcom cliches, but the one-liners and characterizations are just too great to pass up.  Please, let's watch this show (when it airs/on the CBS website) so it can stay alive!  I need my cliche-ridden sitcoms just as much as my dramadies and whatnot!

4.) CoverGirl Outlast All Day Lipcolor in Lingering Spice

This is what makes me feel pretty on bad hair days.  Actually, it makes me feel pretty on the good hair days too.  You know what, I just believe that wearing lipstick can always make one feel pretty.  I rarely ever go bare lipped these days because my confidence jumps through the roof when I put this stuff on.  Eight bucks seems a tad bit steep, but it does last for a while, and the color stays on throughout the day!  I'm a fan 4 lyfe, ya'll.

5.)  This photo of Tracy Morgan crying while reading Shel Silverstein's famed children's book The Giving Tree

To be fair, it always makes me cry too.


  1. Oh I can't wait for 'Two Broke Girls' to start airing in Aus.. it's looks really good!

    'Like at the same moment I could laugh, I could just as easily cry. Has anyone else ever felt that way before?'

    All the time!!

  2. <3 Feist
    <3 Escape campus!

    I've actually never read The Giving Tree. Am I officially lame or what? I need to go to my campus library right now and start reading! It always reminds me of Friday Night Lights, have you ever watched that show? SO SO good.

    Have a great day friend!