Thursday, October 27, 2011

introducing: oh my attire

Introducing my new section dedicated to outfit posts, Oh My Attire! This is the first step in categorizing my blog a little better.  I'll hopefully be picking up my For Your Eyes and For Your Ears sections as well, and making them a little more legit, but for now we'll start with this.

Honestly, most of my outfit inspirations over the past few months have come from all the blogs I read.  You guys are the most underrated fashionistas out there! I want to share with the world just a bit of what inspires me every morning when it comes to putting these outfits together.  Fashion has played such an important role in helping me develop as a young woman.  It's all about building confidence, or that's how I see it at least.   Photographing my outfits may be annoying to my roommate, but it does give me an added sense of confidence.  I'm proud of my fashion choices (most days...), and I want to look back on them.  I want to document the days I felt my best.  I want to inspire myself on days when I don't feel my cutest. And it won't just be me.  I want Oh My Attire to feature my fashionable friends as well.  I just want to inspire you guys just as much as you inspire me!

And with that, here's a few outfits that have been sitting in the vault (or, you know, iPhoto) waiting to be shared! And please stay tuned for my next post- it's a HUGE interview I got to do! Here's a hint: Project Runway. Curious yet? ;)

Shirt: Vintage, Pants: Anthropologie, Belt: Old Navy, Shoes: Gap Outlet

Girls day in downtown! This was after about a month into the school year, so Hollie and I got to spend this afternoon having a sweet reunion with Alex and baby Indigo.  Speaking of Alex: Go check out her blog! She just did an awesome redesign, and there's plenty of adorable baby pictures of little Indie to go around.

My cousin's wedding in Los Angeles was an unforgettable event.  I got to re-wear my senior prom dress that I loved so dearly.  Who doesn't love a jeweled neckline?!  (P.S. Those are my older sisters in the photo above! Don't they look beautiful?)

 Shirt: Gap, Cardigan: J.Crew, Pants: Gap, Shoes: Gap Outlet, Sunglasses: Rayban

I made my pal Jarett (pictured above) take a picture of my ensemble last week because I wore my favorite color combination (also the colors of my blog, if you haven't noticed).  But I must say, I think he looks pretty snazzy himself.  I remember being so incredibly happy on this day.  

Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft, Skirt: Thrifted, Belt: Old Navy, Shoes: DSW

Monday night I went and saw Eleanor Friedberger and Wild Flag rock my face off at Bottletree.  Seriously, so good.  I said it the other night and I'll say it again: If wanting to be in a domestic partnership with those women is wrong, then I don't want to be right. 

So I hope you enjoyed that quick game of catch up! If so, I can't wait to keep sharing with you guys, and if not, well....too bad. 


  1. You look gorgeous in all of these outfits! I love them all. :) And I CAN NOT WAIT to hear all about this interview!!

  2. Yay! I like this. You're such a babe ;) <--scary side eyelash smile

  3. I love your red bandanna! You should do a post on how to tie it like that.

    I like this whole section thing you're approaching! Love love it love it! I always feel awkward when I ask my roommates to take pictures of me...lolol most of the time I do it myself. How? I have noo idea.. It's ... interesting.

    Hope you're doing well my fashionable friend!

  5. I'm just stopping by new blogs today and thought id say hello. We should be receiving some snow today in the Lancaster Pennsylvania area which will be the first time since 1972 that it has snowed this early in fall. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon Pennsylvania.

  6. I love a good jumble of outfit posts all at once. I think it's more fun than a bunch of photos of the same outfit. Love the color combination in that 3rd look as well. XO

  7. Your outfits are so cute! I especially love the last one! Love the shirt tucked into your skirt and I love your glasses! Also, love your prom dress.