Saturday, October 1, 2011

double rainbow wedded bliss

Just a quick update before I absolutely must start some homework (and by that I mean disregard my homework and stuff my face with tasty Armenian food):  Yesterday was incredible.  No, it was more than incredible actually, I just don't even know the proper words to describe it.  The wedding was the most beautiful one I have ever seen, and my aching body is a sign of just how much fun I had.  

Here's a quick cellphone pic I captured yesterday.  See that in the sky?  Yea, that's a rainbow.  And even though you can't see it in this picture, there were two of them.  Double rainbow (all the way across the sky, etc, etc).  September 30th was not the original date of this wedding.  The wedding was supposed to be back in May, but during the weeks preceding it we had two deaths in the family.  Seeing that double rainbow shine down over the bride and groom was a sweet reminder that those two are still with us, and were still a part of this big day for our family.

The entire occasion was beautiful, and inspiring, and I am so very happy for my sweet cousin Karlynn and my new cousin Khajak.

California has been so good to me, as always, and unfortunately I must leave tomorrow.  I dread the delays at LAX, the two papers I have to write/midterm I'll be studying for on the plane, and the late night drive back to Birmingham, but it will all be worth it knowing I was able to spend some time celebrating with my family.


  1. Incredible photo! The rainbow looks so intense :P Looks like it was a beautiful day x

  2. Wow, what an amazing thing to have at a wedding! That's just too sweet :) cute blog, by the way!

    xo, Samantha

  3. peeeerfffeecct! wow- what a beautiful wedding, i'm sure, and so cool that you got to personally experience that!!

    hope you have a lovely day :)

    xo flor

  4. wow - amazing photo!


  5. Found your blog via 'everything in between'. I love it! Such a cute little blog, especially the header! I'm a follower!

    Lauren xx