Sunday, October 16, 2011

chomsky's linguistic love child

Thank you so much for all your encouraging words on my last post! I'm sorry I was such a dud in responding to them properly, but seriously my precious blogging buds, I appreciate it so much.  That was a rough night for me, but I'm learning to take it all one semi-awkward-yet-still-totally-confident step at a time. You guys are just way too awesome.  Encouragement is such a powerful thing, especially when it's coming from all over the world.  That's some kind of crazy awesome super encouragement.  This little lady in 'bama sure does appreciate it.

My great California trip has passed, midterms are over, and now I'm just living.  School is still my main priority, because it owns me AND my parent's paycheck, but weekends like this remind me that there's more than the stress of a way too heavy Northface backpack:

There's seeing Fleet Foxes and wanting to cry at how sweet Robin Pecknold's voice sounds in real life. There's not being able to breathe in a black denim pencil skirt at a 90's themed party.
There's dancing to Shakira with a few friends at a party where no one else seems to be dancing.
There's jeggings.
There's 30 Rock and realizing that I would be more than okay to be Liz Lemon when I grow up.
There's chinese food.
There's being hit on by a self-proclaimed crackhead at a Margot and the Nuclear So & So's show.
There's your dad giving you a hug when you walk in through the doors of the home you've grown to miss so much (even though you're only an hour and a half away...).


There's cake batter ice cream.

Here's a few photos I've been meaning to share of memories I've loved from the past few weeks.

And I love that I'm finally getting back into it.  Writing, that is.  I'm finally remembering why I love it so much.  And it's not just my writing, it's everyone's writing.  Words are such a beautiful thing.  Being able to communicate thoughts that only we can interpret is just so...incredible.  I do a lot of writing...a lot, but it's not a burden.  I think for a brief amount of time that's what I saw writing for pleasure as, a burden, but it's so much the opposite.  It's just a sweet release.  I'm learning that the words don't need to be elaborate or over-thought.  They just need to be.

Noam Chomsky would be so proud of my little linguistic love fest happening right now.


  1. Glad you got to appreciate things other than school :] Although school should be a priority, it's nice to experience the things that REALLY matter in life sometimes, the little things. You are so adorable with your glasses!

    Glad you're doing well my friend!

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  3. so glad you got to take a step back from school for a moment and appreciate all of the little things around you. sometimes you really need to push hw aside and just have moments a lone and with people you love to rejuvenate yourself. :) Liz Lemon i adore. 30 rock seriously one of the most brilliant shows out there!! <3

  4. Really awesmoe blog!! i love that you tkae time to notice and appreciate all of the beautiful things in life! it is very inspiring to take a step back and re-evaluate the kind of world we live in, and find peace and joy through it!! great blog and post!!