Wednesday, September 7, 2011

weather jib jab

I hate that I've become one of "those" people, you know, one that talks about the weather all the time.  I am more interesting than that, right? Right?! But while we're on the subject, let me just go ahead and say that I don't think the great state of Alabama understands the word "transition."  I'm talking about seasonal transitions here.  How can you go from days where the temperature is 100+ degrees, to COLD weather? Not chilly, but cold (by my standards at least).  And with no warning at that!  Most of my winter clothes (boots, coats, scarves) were left at home because one could only assume that such weather wouldn't strike so soon, but if there is one thing that living in Alabama has taught me when weather is concerned, it's to never assume.  Silly me.  All these years later and I have yet to catch on....

Yesterday was quite dreary, yet slightly wonderful because it was the first sign of fall...and who doesn't love fall? Mark my words, no fickle weather will stop Holls and I from at least attempting to look half-way adorable.  [NOTE: Don't you just love our lovely dorm room living room behind us?  We only choose the classiest of locations when taking these photos, and by that I mean this was about 5 minutes before we had to run to class.]

So, things I've realized: College campuses are the perfect place for awkwardly inconvenient run-ins, just in case you guys didn't know.  There's an uncomfortable encounter lurking around every corner, and you never know when it's going to strike.  But luckily, there's also the all too joyous encounters with friends that you never mind sharing a conversation with to balance out the awkward.  Conversations peppered with never ending giggles and phrases like "Why don't we hang out more?!"  It's nice though to see people who can instantly make your day, and I can only hope people can see me in that light from time to time.

Sorry if my musings are a bit of a bore.  Though yesterday was great, today was a tad bit mentally exhausting and I'm just feeling so "blah" (for lack of a better word..or any actual word for that matter).  I've got to spice up my conversation skills because this weather jib jab just isn't cutting it!  Unfortunately, my semi-crazy schedule has left me feeling a bit uninspired lately though.  It's a terribly rotten feeling, but I know everyone goes through it.

What do you guys do when you're feeling a little low in the inspiration department?  


This was us over the weekend, pre-partay with friends. Hollie is totally going to hate me for posting this photo of her, but I think it's pretty adorable, even if you can't see her eyes...It really does say a lot about our personalities.  Kind of.  Okay, not really, but I get a kick out of the fact that she can't ever keep her eyes open for the flash.  I just had to share because I'm such an awesome friend and all ;) 


  1. You girls are so cute! love the outfits! :D Our weather has been kinda crazy lately too. Way colder than normal for this time of year. I'm not really ready for that.

  2. You two are so very lovely. The weather has been extra rainy on my land lately, though I shouldn't complain.... but I will. :)