Friday, September 2, 2011

new heights

I seem to have the bad habit of finding something I like and sticking with it, so it's always nice to something new.  For what it is, Birmingham actually has a lot of great restaurants around town.  After a year of living here, I suppose it's about time I actually started try them out.  Last night, Hollie's Aunt Zip took us out to dinner at a neat little Italian restaurant in downtown called Bettola.  Good food, good service, and good company.  The ambience was quite pleasing.  It was totally a place for Birmingham yuppies to head after basically, give me two years and I'll be there all the time (yea, that's right- I actually look forward to being a young, urban professional). 

Do you want to know an incredibly daunting task for a 19 year old living on their own? Grocery shopping.  It's frighteningly overwhelming.  There's just SO MUCH I could buy, and SO MUCH to consider when buying.  Since I've been so used to watching what I eat at home because of my father's strict diet (from total fat to sodium intake), it's just that much harder being at college and trying to keep up with some semi-good habits.  And by that much harder, I mean it's nearly impossible.  But alas, I managed my way out of Target with some pita bread, instant rice, free range turkey, organic cheese, strawberries, veggie burgers, and Tollhouse cookie dough.  Not too bad of a spread, right? 

And while we were in Target, Holls and I decided to take a little detour to the shoe department, where we then came across these monster heels.  We were so amazed by the height!  I never wear high heels unless it's a "special" occasion because I'm already quite tall*, but these bad boys took me to crazy new heights.  We literally spent about 15 minutes just clomping around the aisles in these shoes, nearly avoiding death and/or sprained ankles.  

Even with 4-inch heels on, Hollie is still somewhat shorter than me...Am I too tall, or is she too small?

I. Am. A. Giant. 

It's Friday night and we're tossing aside the studies to go out with some friends and enjoy ourselves.  Things are looking up over here.  Thank you to everyone who has sent some positive thoughts my way lately due to my stressing over school.  This is why I'm so proud to be a part of such an awesome community of such wonderful bloggers.  I hope everyone reading has a fantastic Labor Day weekend.

***I'm not that tall, just somewhere in between 5'8-5'9.  Taller than most girls, sure, but the world loves a leggy gal! Also, I might not wear heels because growing up my vertically challenged mother said (out of a joking jealousy) boys will never like me if I'm too tall.  Psychologically damaging, much?! 

P.S. Have you guys ever seen Amelie? It's one of my favorite films, but there's an interesting story as to why it means so much to me:  As a young child, my aunt and uncle sent me this beautiful box in the mail which was a promotional kit they had received for this film.  In it was a polaroid camera, a miniature gnome, a photo album filled with movie stills and quotes, and a poster.  I had forgotten about this box until I was cleaning out my attic over the summer.  I came across the rolled up poster and thought "Wow, this would go great in my dorm room," without really paying much attention to it.  Fast forward to yesterday, when I finally start decorating my room.  I unroll the poster to find the perfect spot for it to hang, and what do I notice but AUDREY TATOU'S ACTUAL SIGNATURE!  I freaked out.  I'm still kind of freaking out about it.  It's not a fake either, it's the real deal- silver sharpie and all.  I hate that it's been rolled and wrinkled all these years! I must find a proper frame for it immediately so I can continue to brag about it to EVERYONE. 


  1. awh looks like you are having a super fun time! eep I have always wanted to see amelie, what a special poster. only a teensy bit jealous! :)


  2. I have never seen that movie... Is that terrible? I'm glad that you are having so much fun! I actually eat better when I'm on my own. Weird huh? Haha!

  3. I love Betolla! My office is literally above it. My favorite is the pollo sandwhich - it's the closet thing to Italian "bar" food I've found in the US, soo good.