Thursday, September 1, 2011

inspiration abounds

Simply said, today has been a great day.  It's the first day of September, the first day of what may be the busiest month of my life, and it is off to a swell start.  I think this is the first day I've really been able to enjoy myself without worrying about a looming assignment or a meeting to attend.  Today, I was finally was able to crack open a book that I wanted to read for myself.  That book is The Diving Bell and The Butterfly- ever heard of it?  I just started it, but it's really beautiful.  I've seen the film, but I tell the story of Jean-Dominique Bauby to everyone that asks me what I'm reading, and I don't get tired of telling it.  I'm so amazed by it, and wholly inspired by this man.  He had life taken from him in an instant, yet he was able to really make something so beautifully telling out of his awful circumstance.  To me, that is divinely inspiring.  I enjoyed reading between my classes (and maybe a little during class, but you don't know that....), reading while lunching in my room, and reading while waiting outside of Starbucks for my friends.  I'm even looking forward to reading after I finish this post.  

I like that Jean-Dominque Bauby continued to have a sense of humor.  I certainly giggled out loud when I read this line.

But taking a break from reading to spend time with a medley of friends was nice as well.  Above you'll see the still crippled Hollie and the ever-stylish Kevin, but we had some good people come and go throughout the afternoon.  Everything from Pokemon to bad date anecdotes to advertising directed towards children was discussed. It's always nice to keep things eclectic, and that's what I love about college.  You can get the most diverse group of people, but even then there is always something to talk about, and the conversation can turn from silly to serious in an instant.  For the most part, the collegiate environment really cultivates this sort of stimulating discussion, and I find it fantastic.  Collective learning is a beautiful thing.  It fascinates me to see what happens when bright minded youth gather together.

Inspiration abounds, my friends.  I'm really glad I had the time to take it all in today.

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