Tuesday, September 20, 2011

do I still cross your mind?

Sorry I've been absentee blogger extraordinaire lately.  It's been so long (12 days...in case you weren't keeping count like you should have been) since I last posted, and I've just missed my blogging buddies so much.  Life just kind of overwhelmed/is continuing to overwhelm me, but I'm trying to remember to make time for myself in the midst of it all.  I've slept a combined total of about 7 hours the past two nights, so this afternoon I opted out of my post-class Starbucks hangout (aka the on campus mecca for all social interaction) for a solo Mad Men sesh/nap break.  But is it weird if I can't even remember whether or not I napped?  That's how tired I STILL am. 

Anyway, I have had so much happening lately that I've been aching to share with everyone!  

So, last Thursday some friends and I got together for a hangout which then turned into an impromptu video shoot.   Great fun accompanied by some great laughs and some great tunes.  The perfect distraction from looming anxiety due to ridiculous amounts of homework and commitments.

Notice our subtle stripes theme? After about a day, Tyler had the video all finished up.  Needless to say, it looks FANTASTIC.  We're all interns now at the Bottletree Cafe, a really neat local venue,  which means we get to post some incredibly designed flyers around town and keep everyone in the know about the great shows to come.  Tyler ended up using this as yet another promotional opportunity for a show that's happening tonight.  Check it out!

That's right- Neon Indian.  We're going to see Neon Indian TONIGHT.  I've been listening to them a lot lately, so I'm kind of sort of really excited.  I may need to go start dolling up because I'm still rocking post-nap-hair, which we all know isn't all that cute....

Thanks for bearing with me, you guys! I love that I still get to communicate with some sweet blogger friends through Twitter.  It's wonderfully encouraging.  I hope I can get back to reading everyone's posts soon! 


  1. OOO girl, you famous.

    I like the video,
    Auntie kaka!

  2. That was a pretty sweet video.
    You three look so hip.
    I love LOVE your glasses :]

    Glad you came back to blog hehe

  3. yeah it's been a real long time since i blogged, but i'm just beginning to blog again:)

    welcome back!

  4. Thats amazing..and it seems you had lots of fun together :)

  5. Great photos!

    Lauren // http://tasteslikelove.blogspot.com