Tuesday, August 23, 2011

a little thing called time management (ADVICE NEEDED)

So this is life....

Oh man, I've really, really, really missed blogging.  I'm so sorry I haven't kept up with it this past week! I was so accustomed to reading everyone's wonderful posts on my google reader daily, and I'm definitely feeling a serious void in my life without it.  Remember how in my last post I said I'd like to keep busy? Well, mission accomplished. This past week has been nothing short of chaos, though I must say I've really loved it.  Taking 18 hours of classes with no electives might be a little tough, but I'm really enjoying all my classes (especially my Sociology course on social media.  We get to tweet during class- how cool is that?!). I've also been keeping busy with various social outings because how could I not?

Here's a little photo recap of my wild week:

Blüprint is one of the coolest events Birmingham has to offer.  Hollie and I finally managed to make it out to one, and I certainly don't regret it.  That's my sweet friend Morgan (aka Mufasa) up there.  Isn't he the most precious DJ you've ever seen? 

Shooting a video on top of UAB's parking deck with some boys from Yellowhammer for Skoolie's cover of Kanye and Jay-Z's OTIS.

Also baking sub par cookies in a cupcake tin with Crisco because, well, we're in college. 

Hanging out in the Yellowhammer studios before Skoolie and Michael Warren's show Saturday night.

Aren't my fellow interns the most adorable boys ever? I seriously love everyone in the Yellowhammer family.  We had such a great time that night. 

The performances were excellent, as was the crowd.  Skoolie, Sebastian, boss man Michael Warren, and even the guest performance by boss man Ruben Studdard all just made my heart so happy.  [NOTE: You guys better stay tuned for big things to come from Yellowhammer Records, particularly Skoolie's new mixtape Pardon My Manners dropping on 9.13.11.]

So these outings, my internship, loads of reading, and numerous meetings have been keeping this little collegiate a busy bee! I'm also getting involved with a new website called HerCampus for UAB, so I'm sure you all will be hearing more about that soon.  

To say I'm slightly overwhelmed is a tiny understatement, though I'm not complaining....yet.  But I do need some advice: how do you all manage to keep up with a consistent blogging schedule?  I'm really struggling.  A professional blogger that spoke to my News writing class last semester told me I have to choose at least 3 days to post and stick with them, which in retrospect honestly seems easier said than done.  It's taken me a few hours divided by various parts of campus throughout the day just to finally formulate this post.  I just want to know how you all manage consistency, particularly fellow student bloggers? Please fill me in on your wonderful ways! I look forward to getting back in the swing of blogging soon and catching up with all my new friends in the community.  I've missed seeing everyone's crafts, outfit posts, or daily musings.  Please send any advice you have my way- it'd be GREATLY appreciated. 


  1. Something that's kept me consistent is not worrying too much about writing the "perfect" post. A lot of times I'll sit down and start writing and then the post takes a mind of it's own and I'm like, wow! Did I just write that? Other times, it may not be my most interesting post, but it's something and who know's what I'll come up with tomorrow!

  2. you are one busy girl! I'm taking 18 units as well so i def feel ya and i seriously need to learn to manage my time, thats my goal this semester because it's going to be a crazy one! I'm an education major and english major and if it isn't projects its papers dictating my life. that starbucks looks amazing, i may need to grab one of those asap ha! it looks like you had a pretty awesome weekend! how cool to have a friend who DJ's love it!! :)