Friday, August 5, 2011

for your ears: Best Coast, "Our Deal"

Ever so often (and by ever so often I mean every day), there's a fresh faced piece of aesthetically appealing craftsmanship ready to take the interwebz by storm.  And if you guys know anything about what's cool and hip on the internet, then you probably have already seen or heard about Drew Barrymore directing this video for Bethany Cosentino fronted Best Coast.  I am a hopeless fan of young Hollywood, therefore I am an all the more hopeless fan of this video.

I love everything about this music video because, well, how could I not?  It's tailor made for all my tastes. Starring some of my young Hollywood faves (particularly Donald Glover and Alia Shawkat, though I can't believe how grown up Chloe Moretz looks here), it tells the all too common tale of the dichotomous tragedy that is the teenage heart.  Drew Barrymore does well in putting a modern spin on the classic story while saluting the likes of West Side Story.  I almost forget about the song playing along in the background because I'm so involved in what's before my eyes (which is why I almost want to categorize this post as "for your eyes" instead of "for your ears").  But the mellow vibes and simply poignant lyrics do complement the story quite well, making it all the more lovely.

This video is spreading like wildfire throughout the web, and I'm just adding my two cents because the aesthetic is so inspiring.  After watching this, I want to perfect the cat eye and attempt to buy a leather jacket once again (preferably one that doesn't make me look like a husky young boy).  It's videos like this that make the fantasy of moving back out to LA all too difficult to resist.  I kind of wish all gangs were like the ones portrayed here.  Instead of intimidating me with guns and knives, they'd intimidate me with their American Apparel employee eye-roll and stories of how they're so "over" their parent's wealth.

 So basically, I want to be one of them.  And how could you not? Just look at these bright eyed hooligans!

Want/need that nailpolish, cat eyes, and hair. 

Maeby Funke looks soooo bada$$.
Donald Glover with facial hair? Yes please.
R.I.P. iCarly

Ahhhh this video only made me want red pants and combat boots (and a lover to cry over) even more than I already do.  Someone get me a bedazzler-  I suddenly want to put studs on everything.

SIDENOTE: Did anyone else notice the random break dancer during the final fight scene?  It's like, could he not have waited for a better time to express the rhythm grooving in his soul other than that tragically climactic moment?  I guess there's always that guy. 


  1. arghh i'm dying to see this video but the silly UK is behind on everything! It looks so good and I love the song too! I must get their album. And Drew Barrymore is such a babe - I love her!

  2. Ah! I loved that video. I am a huge supporter of music videos. On my blog, I do "Music Video" Monday. I may have to share with this one with everyone and tell them who showed it to me!

    I don't know how I feel about the 'secret life of an american teen' actress though haha.