Tuesday, August 30, 2011

drained, zonked, and simply fatigued

Soooo....I definitely just realized that when I put up my last post entitled "humpday happenings", I did so believing it was Wednesday.  Check the date on it, my friends.  It was definitely Thursday.  I'm embarrassed, but will own up to it simply because it is a sign of what college has done to me.  Ah well, take it for what it is I suppose.  Is there a neat name for Thursdays I can remember for future reference? Anyway...

I'm tired.  I'm really, really tired.  I'm tired of reading.  I'm tired of writing.  I'm just tired.  I communicate with yawns and sighs these days.  And it's only amplified by the fact that I'm recovering from some wild sickness that I got hit with over the weekend.  May be mono, who knows. But I don't want to sound like I'm complaining all the time.  I do enjoy my classes, and I heartily enjoy my friends and the constant laughs they provide me with.  I still just wish I could find the perfect balance for it all.  

I can't help but wonder why we were created to need sleep? Why couldn't we run on an endless supply of energy?  Because that's what college currently expects from me....

Though on a cheerier note, I will add how much I love meeting new people around campus.  When you're in college, you say "It was nice meeting you!" so many times that you end up forgetting how many people you've met until you see them again.  Oh, us PR majors get such a thrill from making all these new connections. 

Since I received a positive response on the last "what we wore" post, here's another to spice this hodge podge of a post up.  This is Tuesday's ensemble.  A result of yet another restless night attempting (and failing) to pull an "all-nighter."  It's a mix of convenience, laziness, a little bit of thought/care, and "oh-my-god-why-is-it-so-hot".   College life, right?

And nothing screams college like trying to hold your 2 sizes too big skirt up with a binder clip.  I know, I exude class.

Sometimes, I forget to eat.  And sometimes, I forget to take a break, but luckily a nice trip to Al's (a Birmingham staple right by campus) takes care of both those issues at once.  I got to chow down on a tasty falafel and unfathomably unhealthy french fries while chatting it up with some pals, like Kathryn pictured above.  See how cute we are in our nerdware?  I love that she loves me, and I hope she reads this and knows that I love her just as much (even if I'm not the best at showing it).

How's everyone else's week been?  Is anyone else back in school yet, and please, if you are, tell me how you're managing your time!  What are some of the places you guys go to take a break?


  1. Ahh... the college life. Gotta love it.
    Sleep? Haven't met him in a while.

    Haha the way I manage my time is doing work in the library. For me, it helps me focus more and not be distracted by my bed...or couch. I also make time for a good meal at dinner. That's my reward for my hard working day :)

    Good luck on your stuff!
    The weekend is so soon!

  2. hi karla sounds like youre having fun even though youre tired. i love that you held your skirt up with that clip!! hehe so i go back to university soon and im excited xxx

  3. You are so creative with your binder clip! I bet you will start a trend :) You sound super busy, but just know we are all thinking about you and sending you happy new school year wishes!