Saturday, July 2, 2011

three layers of heaven

There's no denying it, I have a sweet tooth, and it's quite a burden.  If I let this sweet tooth get the best of me as it wishes to at almost every moment of the day, well, let's just say I wouldn't have a waistline much longer.  It's that bad.  But I live in a semi health food conscious household with a diabetic father, so the sweets are sparing (and by sparing, I mean we don't gorge ourselves on mounds of chocolate...all the time) and the term "sugar-free" is a daily staple.  Ah, but that little sweet tooth of mine beckons at times for a real treat, and that's when nights like tonight come to play.  

Saturday night and I'm left alone (actually, my younger brother Gary is home, but he is holed up in his room at all hours unless he wants to be fed. So, basically alone) with only one desire: to bake.  And I have an excuse to do so seeing as it is a holiday weekend.  I had originally intended to bake some 4th of July cupcakes, but decided to hold off because I saw THIS as I was browsing my "YUM" pinboard on Pinterest.  It looked so simple, and yet SO divine, right up my alley so I had to try it.  I made a quick trip to the hell on earth that is Wal-Mart, bought some cookie dough, cooked Gary some spaghetti, and proceeded to bake.  Scroll down to see my all too simple semi-homemade how-to. 

Grab a box of brownie mix (can all just go ahead and acknowledge that Ghiradelli is THE BEST EVER) and simply whip together the ingredients as stated on the back of the box. Easy. 

Grease up a pyrex and spread out an even layer of chocolate chip cookie dough (whatsup Pillsbury). Easy.

On top of the cookie dough, add a layer of Oreos. Easy, easy, easy. 

And on top of that, add your brownie batter.  Pop in the oven at 350 for 45-55ish minutes. 


It was that simple.  Even skinny-minny Gary loved it and ate every bite!  It's one of those recipes that's incredibly novice, but will give you a confidence boost that will make you feel as though you were Sandra Lee/Betty Crocker/Buddy Valastro/etc.  Please go try this recipe out and wow your friends.  When I tally it up, I think the whole thing probably cost me like....8 bucks, if that.  Tasty AND affordable, what's not to love?!  I could eat the whole batch.  No, really, I could.  But sometimes I've got to stop my sweet tooth and remind myself WWJOD- What Would Jamie Oliver Do?  He'd probably never have made three layers of heaven (my name for the dish) in the first place and thrown away some child's school lunch... Anyways, I must control my urge and save some to share! 

Final note, go bake! Guaranteed to temporarily take any sort of sadness away.  Enjoy your 4th of July weekend, friends, and stay safe!

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  1. i need to try making some of this!! this looks so good:)