Friday, July 15, 2011

suburban style woes

You guys, I have a dilemma:  I'm trying to make the headscarf work for me.  

I rocked it at the beach easily enough, but dare I venture out in the sullen suburbs of Madison, Alabama with this look?  If only you knew how many tutorials I've watched, how many blogs I've stalked, eyeing jealously at those city girls in their stylish scarves (here's to looking at you, Keiko and Kristine).  I want to make this work, but I'm afraid it'd be a little too bold for the poorly dressed masses of this bland town.

But then again, why should I care, right? I should just wear what I want to wear and wear it proud...or at least, that's what I keep telling myself.  But sometimes, it's not as easy as it sounds. Have you guys ever been in a situation like this?  Please give me some feedback and shared experiences; I'd love some honesty.


  1. do it. do it. do it.

    you know how i feel about headscarves.

  2. I totally understand what you mean. I've lived in Alaska for a about 6 months total. and everytime I am packing to come up here I think- ok, I'm going to bring only cute clothes so I will be forced to dress up. Then I get here and pull out the sweats that somehow made it into my suit case and that's all I wear. People just don't dress up here. But that head scarf is so cute! And you're rocking it! Please wear it!

  3. Dude, you're killin' this look. You should definitely take it to the streets & show the "poorly dressed masses" what is up. Always wear what you want to wear because it's an easy way to practice doing you in the world. The practice will come in handy when you have to do you in your career, love life, etc.

    Thanks for the kind tweet girl. I hope you have an awesome weekend!

  4. you should totally do it, i mean you could start a new trend in that town:) i've been wanting to wear a scarf just like that but my town is very dull and the same. but i was afraid that people were gonna give me remarks or something. but you know what? i just told my self" who cares, i'll do what i want" and i did it!

  5. Thank you for all the sweet support, ladies! Slowly but surely, I'm learning to be bold in my fashion choices and wear whatever I may wish with the utmost confidence. Your comments sure do help though! (Za, you've got to rock the headscarf with me! Maybe we can get one for the baby too!)

    And whoa, is it a little nerdy to admit I'm kind of blogger starstruck that THE Marissa A. Ross just commented on this post?! Ahhhh you're just the coolest gal out there!

  6. I think you're rocking the headband look! I need to buy a new headscarf and try work the look myself ;)

  7. Thank you! And I say go for it; you'd rock it just as well! If I can step outside of the box, anyone can.