Wednesday, July 20, 2011

stitching sweet memories

When life lacks a little inspiration and is filled with an incredible amount of boredom, there's no better place to turn to then Pinterest.  On a beautifully dull Sunday afternoon, I logged on to see that my friend Alex had sent me a link to create this adorable earwarmer from Craft Snob.

With an overwhelming amount of time on my hands, and a desire to pick up my knitting needles after months of allowing them to collect dust, I decided to go for it.  I settled down on my new silk rug with my laptop by my side, and proceeded to knit my young heart away.  

Oh, you know, just watching Jason Schwartzman and Jenny Slate smoking pot/hooking up on Bored To Death.

After a few hours of not so hard work (seriously, it was incredibly easy.  Just keep a knit stitch all the way through for 14 inches, and then bind it off), here's my lovely little outcome!

Isn't it the cutest?!  No joke when I say it was as simple as can be! Definitely a great first project to get me back into knitting.  

I love, love, love it and can't wait to make more for my friends and family!  Thanks, Elisa for the inspiration, and thank you Alex for sending it my way.  It felt nice to get back into the knitting spirit. It reminds me of all the time spent in hospital waiting rooms while my father went through triple bypass heart surgery, which in turn reminds me of the warmth of family.   It really reminds me of past summers when my grandmother would come to visit from California.  Goodness, I remember how my lovely grandmother helped me whenever I'd lose a stitch, and how she would teach me various techniques that I never seemed to master.  I really miss those days.  It's nice that we got to share our love for craftiness together.  I miss her so much, but I love that she's all I think about with every stitch I make.


  1. That's amazing! You did such an awesome job!! :D WOW! I've done the basic knit before... and that's it. haha!

  2. this is so amazing! now i really want to make one myself:)

    i absolutely LOVe the color of your wall! what is the name of the color?

  3. loveee it! I think I shall try it :)

  4. Oh my goodness, there are so many things about this post that I love: the grandma love, the fact that you're watching Bored to Death which is the best show ever and oh-my-gosh when is Amazon going to release Season 2, and your amazing headband! Seriously so cute. I am definitely making this for autumn!!

  5. Okay so i am head over heels for it! So adorable! Can you please make me one?! Yes! :)

  6. This is so cute! (and even sounds easy enough that I could do it...) I just cut my hair really short and have been playing around with tying it up with a bandanna. This would be really awesome once it gets cold again! :)

  7. That's incredible! It looks exactly like the one in the picture! You are sooo good at knitting! I wish I could knit! So adorable! Its great that you have someone to think about while creating - makes it even more special :)