Tuesday, July 5, 2011

lazy tuesday thoughts

Currently on my mind:
1. Dreams, as in how real they can seem and the importance of the people who appear in them
2. How to successfully throw a yard sale
3. Mosquitos love my buttery skin
4. The Middle East
5. I need to take up knitting/crocheting again
6. I don't want to ever end up like Ben Affleck in The Company Men
7. If someone doesn't like strawberries, are they really a someone at all?

I got a little outdoorsy this weekend at the river in Mentone, Alabama with my sister, Natalie, and her boyfriend's family.  Did a little bit of kayaking, did a little bit of hiking.

Name this quote: "I thought you were a lesbian. You totally have the sandals for it."

We hiked a trail that led us to the bottom of Desoto Falls.  Though some of us (Natalie) faced some trials and tribulations (Natalie) it was a really nice little journey down.  Living in the city and the suburbs my entire life, I had forgotten that Alabama still has some beauty left to it.  (Side note: We're probably the only sisters who go hiking in Ray-Bans and Marc Jacobs sunglasses).

Sometimes I don't like America, but baking these cupcakes made liking my country a little easier. 

I'm reading my first graphic novel, and I am loving it.  Maybe after Persepolis I should get around to reading this Watchmen in which everyone speaks so highly of.

In case you guys didn't know, I said goodbye to my little ol' Suzuki this week.  It was time for the two of us to move on.  This was our final moment together. 

And to continue my random stream of consciousness, you guys know how there's that whole cat lady stigma? I kind of worry that instead of cats (an animal I really detest/fear), I think I'm going to be that old lonely lady that just bakes.  Cats just don't provide the same comfort that baked goods do.  

Oh gosh, I feel adult onset diabetes calling my name.  Be right back-  I need to go run 10 miles. 


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  2. Hehehe, you're so funny! I would probably be an old bakin' lady too- cats make me sneezy, and if I'm like one hundred years old, I'd rather spend my time eating cupcakes and not sneezing. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! You're such a sweetie :) I look forward to reading more of your cute posts!

  3. i would love to be advertised on your blog too:) i have a blog button on my blog- you can grab the link if you'd like:) yes let me know when your blog button is ready so i can advertise it on my blog!

  4. This actually sounds like a good workout...and OMG those cupcakes look delicious...cute blog, I'm following :) would love if you could stop by and follow back if you like.