Wednesday, July 27, 2011

for your eyes: Catfish

I had been wanting to see Catfish since I saw the trailer for it in theaters during the previews for George Clooney's The American (which, mind you, was probably the worst movie I have ever seen; my family will agree). Honestly, it seemed like a frightening Blair Witch Project-y type of thing which intrigued me.  Even though I'm not a fan of horror films (unless their hilarious oldschool B-grade ones), I find an element of realism that some choose to delve into quite fascinating.  If I can picture it happening to me, it's scary.  I don't foresee myself encountering any demonic trolls or goblins anytime soon, so they do nothing for me but make me slightly more afraid of cleaning out the horrors under my bed.  Anyways, I say all that to say....

This was not a horror film (much to my surprise), but do not let that stop you from watching it.  I don't want to give too much away with this one.  I don't even want to precede with a SPOILER ALERT tag because I really feel like everyone should watch this movie.  It's a tale of a photographer's online romance documented by his filmmaker brother and friend, and that's all I can really tell you.  

The entire movie just makes you think about your online lifestyle.  The guys say it in the film, but I'll say it here: in the online world we all have a tendency to put our best foot forward.  The film focuses on Facebook, but we can even use it in relation to blogging.  My blog is a way for me to customize the way that people all over the world perceive me without them even having to meet me.  I don't post photos that   I deem as unattractive because I don't want someone to see me as that.  Subconsciously, and yet very consciously, I want people to see me at my absolute best so they can assume that is how I am at all times.  I don't write about how Katy Perry's songs are catchy as hell.  I'd rather be perceived as someone who listens to Laura Marling instead because that's what seems to be the savvier choice in my eyes* (and sure, I'll go ahead admit that I find Katy Perry's songs to be the most singable pop songs to have ever graced my ears. I hate her and I love her all at once).  It's all just so interesting to me.  And you know, this whole concept of online perception will never change, but why should it?  Or could it? Who knows. 

I want to be as real and genuine as possible, but not to the point where I'm posting pictures of me in my grungy sweatpants and oversized Everybody Hates Chris t-shirt (hot enough for you yet, boys?).

But yes, back to Catfish.  You should really watch it, especially in these times when social media is so relevant (Though I am curious if it will ever actually cease to be relevant).  The movie is wonderfully made.  The guys are very charming.  Though there's much debate in whether it's true or fabricated, it doesn't really matter because the whole point is that it can happen.  Being a generation that's been raised on pixels, I'm sure you all know by now that anyone can be easily fooled online.  

*Though that is not to say that one cannot like both Katy Perry and Laura Marling.  You guys get what I'm saying here, right?  I say this because in terms of internet perception I'd hate for you to see me as ignorant.  I want to be seen as only the greatest when it comes to using examples of pop culture in my writing.  Did I seriously just write an entire blog stating a point and through this footnote completely prove my point?  Yup, sure did.


  1. Haha! Your footnote is awesome! :) ok, so is this movie scary or not? I can't do scary because I'm a baby. Haha! But if it's just interesting- then I can watch it. I've never heard of it though. Also- what's it rated?? It sounds way interesting.

  2. I really wanted to see that movie too- and often wonder how much of the stuff on facebook is fake lol

  3. This looks really interesting. I will definitely check this out.

  4. Yay! now I have another movie to add to my list to watch~ And I think its so much easier to make friends and look your best through the internet because you have more time to perfect what you want to say and how you want to say it. And thanks for the welcome ;) I have family in B'ham so we might run into each other... and also War Eagle!

  5. oh my gosh i haven't even heard of this film but i am totally going to go see it! i am so intrigued!

  6. I've just run across your blog & I'm impressed, I really like what you write!

    So perhaps the best foot forward thing has something to it after all. Internet life is like a post-editing tool to preserve a perfect shadow of yourself

  7. I really liked this movie too. I didn't know anything about it going in except that it was "about facebook," which I guess it is but it's also about so much more! I feel like the core of it is that it's about relationships.

    However, I'm not so sure if it is actually a true documentary...but if it's not, that kind of fits into the theme don't you think?