Thursday, July 7, 2011

for your ears: Theophilus London

When summertime rolls around, I'm always looking for that one song to become my perfect jam for the sweet season.  Thanks to Theophilus London, I now have two songs both provided by his newest release Lovers Holiday.  

Song number 1: "Why Even Try" ft. Sara Quinn.  This was the song that introduced me to the greatness that is Theophilus London.  Saw the video for this one back in May, and I have not gotten over it since.  After hearing it, I immediately had to go download everything I could by Mr. London.  The beat feels very old school, yet so fresh.  I lose it every time that chorus repeats.  

So as the summer months passed, I continued to jam to all of this stylish man's mixtapes.  But I go through phases like everyone else, and I kind of move on to the next new artist I've stumbled upon, as is usual.  Even though I kept "Why Even Try" on repeat, I hadn't listened to his other stuff in a while. And then last night, thanks to my dear friend Kevin's tweet, I was once again reminded of my love for this man's music.  Song number two, "Flying Overseas," was another favorite I had forgotten about.

I can't even begin to think how many times I've played this.  It's been 24 hours, and I have yet to get sick of this track.  Good grief, it's a serious toe-tapper.  Solange Knowles kills the chorus.  He really picks some good ladies to sing on his tracks.

His videos are pretty tight, and his songs are incredibly addicting.  Maybe I love him for his smooth style and his exuding a sense of class that many in the industry seem to forget; Maybe I love him because I've never seen a face more suited for Clubmasters in my entire life; Or maybe it's because I have a certain fondness for the name Theo ever since Malcolm Jamal Warner came into my life.  Whatever my reasons may be, all I know for sure is that Theophilus London is one very talented man.  You've got to give him a listen.

Bonus:  Okay, I tried to stop there, I really did, but I couldn't resist adding these two tracks to this post as well.  I CAN'T STOP LISTENING.  But can you blame me?  Drawing inspiration from "the blind couple from Mali" and a Whitney Houston classic- how does he know me so well?! My goodness, this guy's good.

Now I have a sudden urge to watch The Bodyguard.  That's not weird, is it?

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