Monday, July 11, 2011

for your ears: Alex Winston

This has to be one of the catchiest songs ever.  I might be a little late on finding out about Alex Winston, but regardless, you should give her tunes a listen.  A song about sister wives? I'm down.  I think it's also pretty cute that she calls her backup singers her sister wives too.  Maybe it's kind of strange, but at least it's pretty original.

Take a listen to this Alex Winston hit as well.  Her voice is different.  You don't think you'll like it, but it's really enjoyable.  I think I like her acoustic stuff even more than the recorded versions (that's always the case, isn't it?).

Anyways, I'll be jamming to this song all the way down to Birmingham for the next 2 days.  I'm going to mingle with the friends I miss in the city that I miss calling home.  Hope everyone has a happy Monday! Spend it doing what you love while jamming to some fun music


  1. oOh me likey.
    I especially love all Mormon references.

    Also, liking the accoustic versions better? Not always the case...

    remember the horrible horrible Bombay Bicycle Club ear Massacre of 2010? "ooh watcha sayy." still gives me the chills.

  2. You guys just don't have good taste, OKAY! That song was beautiful, and vulnerable, and all things precious. HE HAS THE VOICE OF A CRYING ANGEL!