Friday, July 1, 2011

becoming the griswolds

Welcome to the new home of casual bedlam!!!  As my twitter followers might be aware of, I've been contemplating switching from Wordpress back to Blogger for some time now, and I finally made the switch.  I waited to debut my blog until I had it looking just right for it's big premiere, and so here it is.  This will be home for all things craft, music, lifestyle, personal, film, photography, art, daily outfits, you name it! I want to explore the blogging realm for all it is, and really use it as a documentation of the various ways I choose to express myself.  I also want it to be a catalogue of memories, which is why this first post is all about my family's first ever solo vacation.  Using my handy dandy iPhone, I captured various moments throughout the entire 6 day journey at the beach.

First day out on the beach soaking up some sun in Perdido Key, Florida.  5/6 of us went back to the condo aching with a sunburn (my father was the only one who walked away unscathed from the Florida sun).  We unsuccessfully tried to set up our brand new beach umbrella multiple times.  I'm sure we looked like the Armenian version of the Griswolds from National Lampoon's Family Vacation.

 On Father's Day we dined at McGuire's Irish Pub, a Pensacola staple.  The food was beyond incredible, as was the atmosphere.  The entire interior was adorned with dollar bills, so we had to add our own to the mix. I love how everyone's name reflects their personality so well...

And oh yea, while we were there, this happened. The stupid love meter said I was a Cold Fish- the worst of the worst, the bottom of the barrel! Even this vintage carnival game called me out on my love life/lack of one.  Ouch, talk about a low point, right? 

Another neat little place we ate at was Tacky Jack's in Gulf Shores.  It was there that I ate my first raw oyster, which despite my expression above, I actually enjoyed.

And then came the great fishing adventure....Well, we tried fishing, but 3/4 Khodanian children got sea sick. Bravo to Mary-Jane, my oldest sister, for sticking it out until the end.  That morning I was told that I looked like Elizabeth Taylor as though it was some sort of insult?! Maybe in terms of fishing attire it is, but in terms of fashion I count it as a high point.  So even though I didn't catch any fish, I did see dolphins, a tiger shark, and a sting ray.  Pretty neat.  And I won't hate on fishing.  In fact, I'd love to try it again sometime, just not in the ocean...

One thing I learned from that day is when all else fails, at least you can always head to the beach with a good book in tow.  Natalie was reading Bethenny Frankel's newest book, and I chose to read Nick Hornby's High Fidelity.  It felt good after a year of my lax in personal reading to finally read a book that I just couldn't put down (this, and Tina Fey's Bossypants were fantastic beach reads).  I loved High Fidelity the book almost as much as High Fidelity the movie, but the movie actually had a much better ending in my opinion.  What's been on your summer reading list?

Awkward sibling shots from the final stormy day.  We may look happy on the outside, but on the inside we are all freaking out about the safety of our iPhones from the falling sky. 

And then came the trek back home....

I won five dollars! I never win. Mr. Monopoly must've known he's my favorite board game.

My snuggie, dubbed "Shoo-Shoo", is my best friend.  Our love had to be documented.  Also, we were really bored.  

We stopped at the most redneck restaurant off the side of the road in nowhere, Alabama, where my mother was so enamored by the illiterate menu that she asked to take one home. 

And the final photo from the trip....

This gem.  

I hope you enjoyed this semi-lengthy first post. I hope my family's (mis)adventures inspired you to go out and bond with your family this 4th of July weekend, however excruciating it may be. I'd love some feedback on what you think of my new blog, too!  Rest assured, I'll be blogging more frequently, and will add some new regular features that my last blog lacked.  So stay tuned, dear reader, there's many new posts coming your way! 


  1. I want to go to the beach so bad now!

  2. Thank you! And as much of a hassle as it can be, an occasional beach trip is always a must.